Sunday, July 23, 2006

Evey's First Round

So once again Friday comes around, and BOOM! Thundershowers. Of course, my softball game was cancelled so that sucked. It seems that the weather is nice during the week, but once the weekend comes around--the crappy rain hits.

We didn't really have plans for Saturday until Evey persuaded me to take her golfing Friday night. "Even TAMMY has been on a real golf course!!!" So I gave in (weather pending). We decided to go out to breakfast the next morning in Lexington then hit a Par 3 course nearby. The course, Stone Meadow, has a driving range, a putting and chipping green, and a VERY short 9 hole Par 3 course. So we hit a bucket at the range, then it was off to the links. None of the holes were over 100 yards, so this was almost more like a "pitching" course than a Par 3 course.

Evey hit some good shots (and some not-so-good ones) and ended up shooting a 55. Not bad for her first time out, although she was really disappointed because none of the holes were long enough to hit her driver off of the tee. I ended up playing the course with only my 55* wedge and my putter, and I shot a pretty junky 33. It should've been much better than that. The longest hole was 98 stinkin' yards! The total yardage was 577.

So after that, we kind of felt shorted. Evey pushed to find another Par 3 course that was longer that we could play in the afternoon (so she could hit her driver). So we looked online and found Lost Brook Golf Club in Dedham which has an 18-hole Par 3 course. Much nicer. I actually had to use more than two clubs. Evey played much better and hit a 3 or 4 very straight drives off of the tee and ended up shooting a 59. (The yardage on these 9 holes was 1481.) I played really well and had a 3-wood on hole 3 to within 2 feet of the cup for my only birdie. I shot a 33.

Now, you may ask, "Chris, how did you shoot a 33 on 9 holes that are 577 yards long, then turn around and shoot the SAME score on 9 holes that are 1481 yards?" You got me. It tells me that I REALLY need to work on my game inside of 100 yards. Evey only shot 4 strokes higher on the longer course, so she really improved from the first 9 holes as well. It goes to show you that the old adage still holds true: "Drive for show, putt for dough."


Linda MacTravel said...

Sounds like you're cut out for the WPGA, Evey! And you let two busted elbows keep you from golfing? NO!! I'm glad those have healed up enough to allow you to continue the game. You should be happy with 33!!! Get polished up for Jamaica!!

Tammy & Jeremy said...

What's that supposed to mean? I know I am pregnant, but I was actually pretty good out there. The last time I was on a course was probably in 1999 or something and back then my drive was - oh about 5 feet...haha. Now I can actually drive over 110 so I am getting a lot better...even while I am pregnant. Chris, you seem to be good at it, just keep watching golf on TV and you'll catch on:) We watched the British Open yesterday and they had a zoomed-in shot of Tiger gripping his driver and Jeremy had to use the DVR to slow it down so he could get a good look at a PROFESSIONAL grip. Later he was in the backyard practising...haha.

Good for you guys for getting out there!

Linda MacTravel said...

Oops! Make that the "LPGA"!! Sorry, Evey ;-)