Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Ok so I realize my absences around here are becoming more and more frequent. I really am sorry for that. Things just really haven't been all that exciting around here so I really haven't had much to tell you. Anything sports related goes over on our sports blog(cemcsports) so as not to bore you non sports fans. So really, that doesn't leave me with a lot to talk about on here these days.

But I think now that spring is here things will get a little more exciting. Seems when the weather is nice you get out more and have more stories to share. So with that being said I will get things started by talking to you about crosswalks.

Why crosswalks you ask? Well, let me tell you. Crosswalks are everywhere. They are on their own, sometimes they are with a flashing yellow light, sometimes they are at an actual intersection. What I have really been wondering for quite sometime is WHY do they even bother wasting the time painting those lines on the road here in Boston? Why waste the paint? Why waste the wages you will need to pay to the men to go out there and paint the lines on the road? No one bothers to stop for you when you are in a crosswalk around here so I really think they should just get rid of them all together. Save us all the hassle. I have stood at a crosswalk for 10 minutes or more because the traffic is so busy and NO ONE will stop to let me cross. I almost got hit 3 different times in one day last week whilst trying to cross the road. Do you think the mentally challenged drivers around here give a crap? Heck no. They honk at me like I have done something wrong. All I can do is shake my head and walk away. WHERE did these people get drivers licenses? Is it mandatory to be a jack ass if you are from Boston and drive a car? I guess the only logical answer to that is yes. The funny thing is that the very same jerks who almost hit you while you are in the crosswalk are the same morons who will get mad at you for not stopping for them in the crosswalk. OY VEY!!Perhaps this guy.....or this lady should come patrol the crosswalks in Boston. She...or he could get a whole crew together and kick some serious butt against all the jack ass drivers who won't let me and many other innocent citizens cross the street.
God bless Boston!!!

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Linda MacTravel said...

WHERE OH WHERE do you find the great pictures you post?? You crack me up! Is this person's name "Pat" or "Francis"?? LOL