Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dear really really annoying girl at Panera Bread,

When we went for lunch yesterday at Panera Bread we went there with the intentions of enjoying a couple of super yummy chicken ceasar salads in peace. Instead we enjoyed our yummy chicken ceasar salads to a loud piercing and very annoying sound. That sound was YOUR voice. What was more bothersome than anything else as you stood at the booth next to us going on and on about the boy you liked and how you want to own a house, car, be married and have a great job before you have kids was that you were an employee. How about the fact you were rambling about how when you take customers orders you like to play dumb and talk like a valley girl. Funny thing is I am pretty sure this is NOT an act. Maybe you were on your break, maybe not. But my guess is that if you were on your break perhaps you should have taken your apron and hat off so that when you went on and on at the top of your lungs about everything and anything in your life you wouldn't have made Panera Bread look bad. Perhaps you could have clued in that not everyone wants to know what gorgeous eyes this boy you are crushing on has. Maybe you could have lowered that annoying high pitched voice of yours. What I hope is that at some point during the rest of your shift that you were reprimanded for your rudeness and stupidity. I get that your probably only 18 or so but still, get a clue.


Really, really, annoyed in Boston!!


M said...

You are cracken' me up! Love it.

Thanks for lettin' me know about your blog.


1 said...

You really would write great editorials for a newspaper or something. Could be a carreer calling?


Andrea said...