Friday, July 18, 2008

The New Digs

So this is the front of the house. We are on the main floor. The window on the bottom left is our living room. The window on the bottom right is just in the little porch area that has both entrances to our apartment and our landlords upstairs.
There is a pretty decent sized back yard. No grass but lots of space for our BBQ and a table and chairs to hang out outside in the summer. And plenty of space to hang laundry if we want.

The kitchen. It is a good size with room for a table and chairs. Something we didn't have room for in our current place. The little lady in the picture below is our landlord, she is so nice and has lived in this house here ENTIRE life. 82 years, WOW!

The walk in pantry. I am SO excited about this. We currently have very little kitchen space and I always feel so limited when I am grocery shopping because I have nowhere to put anything. The extra space is going to be awesome.

Our lovely PINK tile bathroom which you all just know Chris loves even if he won't admit it;)
Our living room. I didn't really get great pictures but you get the idea. The front window is brand new. This place has lots of windows. Something we also don't have here since we are in a basement suite. It will be nice having natural light and not feeling like I live in a dungeon anymore. lol And I know Belle will be in heaven with windows to sit and look out all day long.
Our bedroom. Again didn't get very good pics but you get the idea. I love the windows.Spare room/computer room. We are so happy to have an extra room for our computer and storage space. We do plan on putting a bed in there in the near future so all of you slackers back west and up in Canada have no excuses not to visit now ;)


Bryan said...

That's great! I'm happy for you guys. I know it will be a good move - wish I was there to help. We'll come visit as soon as you can show me a pic with 5 beds in that spare room.

1 said...

Very cool... Glad you guys are getting out of the "MOUSE GETTO!"
Wish we could come for a visit, maybe if money grew on trees?
Hope the move goes smooth, you guys are in our prayers.

Sketti said...

Wow! It looks great! Unfortunatly I don't think we'll get out there to see it (although we did get to see the dungeon! Whoo!) But the place looks great (even with the wood panelling!) I'm sure you guys will be very happy there! Yay!

Andrea said...


Linda MacTravel said...

I agree with you, Evey...I absolutely LOVE all those windows! And the "bay" windows in the bedroom are awesome!! What will you do with all that space? It will be fun for you to try and put things in new places...don't just a couple of years you'll wonder where all that space went! Hallelujah! Congrats!

Cupcake Blonde said...

It looks awesome! I am so happy for both of you! What a great home.

Andrea said...

I think you've inspired me...Maybe one of these days I'll actually post pics of our new house! Have fun moving and enjoy your new place!

Family Of Five said...


Tammy Williams said...

Nice place. You will love being so close to the beach I'm sure!

Andrea with the Flipflops said...

First I had no idea you were in the "getto". I loved living in the getto... however our getto was chilliwack style ... so just a bunch of rednecks that wanted to be getto. Wanna be's! LOL.

I love the new place. Real hardwood floors ... come on! I love the window in your bedroom! And the pink bathroom ... does not every man dream of a pink bathroom! they are all just jealous of Chris!

Enjoy your new digs and I was sooo super happy to read your blog again!

PandA said...

Mmm, mmm! I love all the wood paneling and that PINK bathroom! ;) Seriously though, so excited for you guys!! Now Belle has a proper "back yard" to lounge in! Yahtzee! :D