Saturday, September 23, 2006

The day after the wedding we got up kinda early and headed off to our friends Shawn and Celeste's house to watch the Seahawks game, which was quite crappy, but we pulled out a victory with a field goal on the final play of the game. After that we ran some errands around town. Bryan and Andrea and the boys came over around 5 or so for supper. So the rest of the evening we all just hung out playing games and watching TV. It was a good day. Monday we decided to drive out to Eastern Washington to see Chris' aunt and uncle, Kathy and Kevin. They live in Prosser which is about a 3 hour drive from Seattle. The drive is really pretty especially when you are driving through the Cascade Mountains. We left around 1 pm and got out there around 4. We had a lovely visit and a great dinner.

The last time we were out there they had started work on a wine cellar and of course it was all done for us to see this time. I didn't take pictures and I don't know why, I really should have. Anyways.....In their office is a book shelf and on the top shelf is a book that you pull the opens the bookshelf like a door which is the door to the cellar. It was so cool, a real secret door. LOL. Anyways the cellar was so nice, they worked really hard on it.

Kevin is also building a plane. They built a big shop out front on their property so he would have somewhere to build it. He showed us the shop and what he had done on the plane so far. It was pretty cool and will be fun to see the finished product.

They have a dog named Gunner who is a gorgeous yellow lab. When Chris and I showed up at their house and Gunner came running to greet us I noticed he was missing his front right leg. At first I felt sad for him but then when I saw him playing fetch and running around like it was nothing I realized how adjusted he was. Kevin said "dogs are 3 legged animals with a spare." Anyways turned out Gunner had bone cancer in that leg and had it amputated in June. But he is all healthy now and ready to go hunting with Kevin.

We left their place around 12:30 am and got back home to Chris' parents house around 3:30 am. Another late night! But it was worth it, we had a good time.


Cupcake Blonde said...

That is so cool! I ant a secret bookshelf door opening into a wine celler! Except, no cellers in Vegas so perhaps a wine room. Awesome!! Did he build it himself? Sounds like a pretty handy guy if he is building his own plane! And the puppy is so cute.

Kelley said...

Great picture! That could be almost anywhere in southern BC too.