Friday, September 29, 2006

Weekend with the Rothlisbergers

Shawn and Celeste came to pick us up from Chris's parents around 4 pm that Saturday. They still had the girls with them so Chris's mom and dad got to see them. They have twins, Ana and Alyssa who are 2 1/2 and SO cute. We took the girls over to Shawn's parents house so we could have some kid free time. We did some shopping before we headed to Billy McHale's for supper. Chris, Shawn and Celeste all you used to work there together and so we always have to go there. I am really not all that crazy about it but they do have really good ribs so I hear. I am not much of a rib person. After Billy's we went over to Jimmy Mac's Roadhouse (where Chris also used to work) to get some of their famous and SO yummy rolls. Then it was off to Safeway for some beer and some breakfast stuff. There were cactus leafs in the produce section and I picked one up and jabbed my finger. That sucked. And the next morning my finger was throbbing and we got some cactus needle out. lol Ouch! Serves me right.

Sunday Celeste made a yummy breakfast....bacon, eggs and biscuits and gravy. Chris and Shawn got ready not long after and were off to the Seahawks/Cardinals game. It was the first home game of the season and Celeste was gracious enough to let Chris have her ticket. They have season tickets but still it was the first home game. So thanks Celeste!! While the boys were at the game we stayed home and watched the game on TV. It was a fun day and the Seahawks won which is even more important.

After the game we headed to Red Robin for supper. We have Red Robin out here but the closest one to us is an hour. Celeste and the girls left in one car to head home while Shawn drove us back to Chris's parents house in his car. We had a great time with them and wish it had been longer, we really miss them.

After Shawn left we headed over to Jen and Ryan's for one last visit before we headed home. We had a nice visit. And of course like any visit with Ryan there was beer. hehe! Fun times. We are really happy for them and definitly look forward to them coming to visit in the near future. We sure miss them come Saturday nights and hockey season.


Andrea said...

That's a great picture of them!

Kirst said...

Wow I can't believe how busy you guys were. Sounds like fun. And it also sounds like alot of beer was consumed.

Shelley said...

Sounds like a fabulous time, and glad you had so much fun! Such a cute family! Twins! I'd lose my mind! Takes special parents I think to handle twins or more!

LOL - what the heck are cactus leaves doing in the produce section? Like who eats them? What are they for? Please advise? I'm so very stunned about the cactus leaves (but it has nothing to do with me being Canadian)...Tee hee!