Monday, April 30, 2007

Can you believe it is Monday and I am posting? I have gotten into such a bad habit of using up all my blogging brain power for the blog off that by the time I am done I slack the rest of the week. But this is a new week, and if your lucky you will have something new and fantastic to read everyday;)

Chris was on call this weekend so we needed to stay close to home. Sometimes he gets no calls at all so it was a surprise to him when they just kept pouring in. Friday night we met our friends Georgette and Tyrone at Chili's out near our place for supper and then headed back here to play a game. We played
Pop5 which is by the creators of Cranium. I like this game MUCH better than Cranium itself. We had a fun time, it was boys against girls and sadly after some hard nosed competition the boys took it 2 games to 1. And seriously, if you know Georgette, the next time you see her you must have her demonstrate her mad Pop5 skills for you. Preferably "Eye of the Tiger" or "New Kids on the Block." You WILL NOT be sorry!!

Chris and I both came down with a pretty nasty cold the last few days. The plan was 2 hole up in our place for all of Saturday and Sunday to kick the colds butts. Unfortunately for Chris he had a really busy weekend. He was gone for about 6 hours on Saturday and had to go up to New Hampshire on Sunday. He didn't get the relaxation time he wanted this weekend, but that's how it goes when your on call. We both still have the sniffles today but the worst seems to have left us.

We were glad to have the time to watch a movie Saturday. We watched
The Prestige with Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale. I really enjoyed this movie. I love how the story takes turns you don't expect, which makes the plot and movie as a whole that much better. If you haven't see it check it out if you get the chance.


Andrea said...

That movie is actually towards the top of my movie list! I, too, have been battling a cold! Yucky! You have been doing great in the blog off! I'm glad to see you posting on a Monday, tho! ; )

Sketti said...

I love games! Come here and bring your games with you! :)