Tuesday, October 03, 2006

All Good Things Must Come to an End.......:(

And finally we have come to the last day of our trip recap. We were so busy when we were in Seattle, but it was never really meant to be a vacation where we sat around and did nothing. It was worth all the driving around etc that we did. We had a great time and enjoyed every second with all the friends and family we saw.

Our last day there we got up in the morning and I started doing laundry so we didn't have to pack dirty laundry only to have to do it when we got home. Most of the day was spent doing that and packing. It was nice to spend the day just relaxing at the house with Chris's mom before it was time for Andrea, Bryan and the boys to come over to go to Bullwinkles Family Fun Center.

Andrea and the boys arrived around 4pm and Bryan not long after and we headed out around 5. When we got there the first thing the boys wanted to do was Go Karts. Andrea and I watched while Gavin and Trevor "drove" with Uncle Chris and Bryan. They had so much fun.

After they were done with that it was time for some mini golf. I don't remember who won but I do know I had a hole in one and I am pretty sure Gavin did as well.

We headed inside after min golf to have some supper. The boys had cheeseburgers and we had pizza. It was actually pretty good pizza, I was impressed. You see I have turned into a pizza snob ever since moving to Boston. Anyways we got two large pizza's between the 4 of us, they messed up one of the orders so ended up making us a third pizza for free which we sent home with Bryan and Andrea. After we ate we got a bunch of tokens and we all got to play games and stuff. It was a really fun night. I am glad Chris and I decided to take them all there for our last night in Seattle. We sure miss you guys a lot.

We left Bullwinkles around 9 pm and when we got back to Chris's parents it was time to finish packing and get ourselves ready to head to the airport. Bryan and Andrea headed home and not long after we were on our way to the airport. John and Linda dropped us off around 9:45pm. We were sad to say goodbye, we really enjoyed spending time with them. Thanks for having us all week and feeding us and letting us rack up the miles on your cars. We really appreciated it!

Once we got checked our bags and went through security we got some drinks and sat in our boarding area just waiting. I had thought that since we were flying out so late (11pm) that our flight and the airport itself wouldn't be very busy. I was shocked when our flight was full and other flights boarding from the same area were also jam packed. I guess flying red eye is probably cheaper, maybe that's why. Chris let me sit in the window seat on the way home. For some reason I freaked out a lot more during takeoff than I had when we left Boston just 12 days earlier. It was weird, I mean I really freaked out, my heart was racing, my eyes filled with tears and my hands were shaking. Yet as usual once we were in the air and the flight attendants started moving around etc I was fine.

I swear the flight attendants were baking cookies during takeoff. LOL. When they came around for our first round of drinks etc they gave us chocolate chip cookies that were warm and the chocolate was melted. After we settled in with our drinks, Chris and I got a digi player which costs 10 bucks but has like 10 movies on it, TV shows, sports etc. We ended up watching The Fantastic 4 which was a pretty good movie. At least it kept my mind occupied. After it was over I splept for about an hour while Chris watched an old college football game. Chris who usually sleeps like a log actually only slept for about an hour as well.

My favorite part of the flight was when the sun started to rise. We were on the wrong side of the plane to see the actual sunrise but it was still beautiful regardless. I have never seen anything more amazing or beautiful. It sure makes you appreciate God's wonder and beauty in a whole new way. I am not sure my camera did it justice but you get the idea.

We landed at 7 am. By the time we got home and got our car and drove all the way up to Salem (about 40 mins) to pick up Belle and do some dog walking and got back home we could barely keep our eyes open. I was SO excited to see my puppy and she seemed just as excited to see us. Apparently she was a pretty good girl while we were gone. yay! Thank you so much to John and Elisa for taking such good care of her, we really really appreciate it, you guys are awesome.

As if it will be a surprise to know blogger doesn't want to post anymore pics, I will go ahead and post them below. Enjoy!


Andrea said...

Great pics, Evey!

Kirst said...

I though your past post was the end of your vacation. Man you guys were really busy. But a good busy. When are you going to come for a visit to your home land? I would love to see you.

Heather said...

I'm glad you weren't too freaked out by the flying!!

Alison said...

You guys really know how to pack it in don't you?!?

Glad you are home and doing well.....thanks for checking in on me the other day!

Lucy Stern said...

Well Evey, it looks like you and Chris had a wonderful time. Isn't it fun taking some time off and just doing anything you want. The two little boys are really cute. I suppose the two older boys are cute too. Glad you had fun.

Bumbling Bav said...

Thanks for sharing your adventures! And glad your baby is back home and happy!

Desiree said...

Sounds so busy, but it also sounds like so much fun! Glad you are back!

Linda MacTravel said...

Evey, you did a great job of chronicling your visit here! And your pictures turned out just great! It was so good to see you two :-) Are you planning on coming home for Christmas?? Just curious!

Cupcake Blonde said...

What an incredible trip! But do not be sad at your recap being over...soon you'll have a recap of Jamaica to share!