Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I am challenging myself to blog at least once a day from now on, even if it is just a photo or something. I know how annoying it can be to continue to go to someone's blog and not see updates and I decided I don't want to be one of those people anymore:)

I was watching the Today Show this morning and they had a segment on a 23 year old woman who had a preventative double-mastectomy. 2 family members had died from breast cancer and her mum also had it. She went and got tested to see if she had the specific gene that put her in an even higher risk category and she tested positive. So 6 weeks ago she had both her breasts removed. It got me thinking and I thought I would throw it your way to see what your thoughts are on something like that. My mum had breast cancer in her early 40's and later passed away from another form of cancer. I suppose that puts me in a place where I should probably be more active about being checked etc. But I am not sure how I feel about someone having a double mastectomy "just in case" they get cancer 20 years down the road. I don't think she was wrong at all for what she did, it is her life and her decision and I assume it was something she thought long and hard about before she went through with it and I applaud her courage. Just something I thought I would throw at ya this morning to get the wheels turning in your active little brains;)

Kirsten I wanted to let ya know I am thinking about and praying for your mum today, I hope all goes well and she is as good as new asap.

Oilers game tonight, GO OIL! They continue to play well and are off to a 6-2 start on the season. Here's hoping they play well tonight.

In football news the Seahawks starting quarterback Matt Hasselbeck is out for at least 3 weeks with a knee sprain. He was hit early in the 3rd quarter on Sunday. It was a definite late hit and there should have been a penalty on the play. Of course there wasn't and the questionable reffing in the NFL continues week after week. Here is hoping the Hawks can hang in there until Matt gets back. Little tidbit for you....Matt Hasselbeck is the brother-in-law of View host Elizabeth Hasselbeck:)

Also I am looking for some new books to read, so please leave me your suggestions.

Have a great day!


Jodi said...

Wow! I don't think I would have a double masectomy just because I tested positive. That seems a bit extreme.

Glad to see you are blogging more often!

Anonymous said...

I saw the end of this story this morning too. Very courageous on her part, I'm not sure I would go through with it unless my doctor and 2nd,3rd opinions suggested it. But it sure got me thinking about how I take care of myself now.

Book suggestions: "Jesus in the Margins-Finding God in the places we ignore" by Rick McKinley -I haven't read this one but it's on my list.

"Fresh Brewed Life" by Nicole Johnson --I just bought this book on and am excited to open it up!

Kirst said...

Thanks Evey! She was suppose to get the pacemaker put in but it won't be till tomorrow or Friday. Thanks for your prayers. I know that my mom appreciates it.

Andrea said...

Hmmm...well, I guess you have to do whatever you feel is right for yourself. Oersonally, I think it would make more sense to just stay on top of it and get checked often. Then, you could take care of it right away if cancer showed up, but why do something so drastic if it's not necessary? It seems to me like a fear motivated decision. And, yes, we all should probably be a little more proactive with our health and being checked!

Andrea said...

That word was suppose to be "personally"! Ha! As far as books go; I am loving anything by James Scott Bell. I most recently read "Final Witness", and I couldn't put it down! I am in the middle of "A Voice in the Wind" by Francine Rivers, right now. It's not the sort of book I would normally read, but it was a book club book and is actually pretty good. Hope that helps a little.

Anonymous said...

i think part of it might have to do with whether you think you need your breasts to feel like a woman. it is extreme, i don't know whether i would do it or not. i know they can do alot with reconstructive surgery, i would definitely look into that, probably talk to some women who have gone through it, maybe see a counsellor about it, i'd definitely do my homework before i made a decision.

This is the PUDDICOMBE CLAN!! said...

It's hard to say what I would do in that situation...I've always thought that no matter what you do, God is going to bring you home when it's your time, but if you're not ready to "meet your maker" then I guess you might go to some extremes. As long as you take care of yourself, that's all you can do...and perhaps her going for the masectomy is her way of taking care of herself.

Nice dig about the updating blogs! I promise to try and be better ;)


Desiree said...

I don't know for sure what I would do in the same situation, but she obviously had her reasons and I commend her for making such a huge decision that could potentially save her life. It doesn't however protect her from other forms of cancer which may arise. It's a tough decision. Glad to see you are around more, I enjoy reading your blogs.

Alison said...

I'd have to think long and hard before I did anything drastic, but then again maybe I wouldn't.

I just read The Red Tent. Fabulous book!

Anonymous said...

Good for you blogging every day Evey. (Good for me too!) I've started doing that in the last couple of months and sometimes it's really hard to follow through, but it's a good exercise in working on creativity. There'll still be some days that are impossible, or maybe that's just me. Good luck! And sorry to hear about Hasselbeck. I know how much it sucks. Trust me, I'm a Vick fan!

Lori said...

You can always get pretty perky ones later on if you are concerned about that, and feed your kids with bottles if you ever have children.
I would totally cut mine off-if I had the same history...I would rather be around for my kids and family. They are my world, not my breasts.