Monday, March 20, 2006

Happy Monday!

Friday night Chris and I decided to stay home and watch a movie. We have had Million Dollar Baby sitting here for 2 months (netflix) and just haven't gotten around to watching it. I really don't know why it took us so long to watch it because it was a really really REALLY good movie. It was sad and I cried like a baby. Now I understand why it won the Oscar and why Hillary Swank won the Oscar last year. If you haven't seen it you most definitely should.

Saturday we decided to go back to Newport, Rhode Island for the day. When we went the first time we spent most of the day at Fort Adams State Park. This time we saw more of the ocean and the actual town. Newport is officially on my list of favorite places. I LOVE it there. We left here around 11:30 am and got down there right around 1pm. Which was totally perfect because it gave us plenty of daylight to do everything we wanted to. We went and parked along the "ocean drive" and walked and took lots of pictures. I love the ocean. We were going to have a picnic but it was so windy that we decided to eat in the back of Chris's van. Works for me, it wasn't windy and the seagulls didn't get all up in my business.

After we had lunch we continued on the "ocean drive" and saw all the beautiful houses right on the water. Then we headed into town where all their historical mansions and stuff are. We didn't get as many pictures of all the houses and stuff as we would have liked. Mostly because it was cold and we didn't want to get out and walk.

Once we headed back into the heart of Newport we found a place to park and of course got us some Starbucks. We decided to walk down the main street and check out all the little shops and stuff. We ended up going into Helly Hansen just to look around. When we got back to the shoe section we noticed a rack with a sign that said 75% off. Chris was very happy when he saw a nice pair of Adidas runners on that rack. A little fact about Chris--he will not by anything NOT Adidas, he is very picky in that way. Anyways he really needed a new pair of runners and so we got them. Regular 75 dollars and we got them for 18. Sweet!!

After that we pretty much headed home. We got home in time to have some dinner and then to watch the Oilers/Red wings game. Sunday morning I wasn't feeling to great so Chris went to church without me. When he got home we spent a nice day at home doing nothing. We did watch Star Wars Episode 3 in the afternoon.

Once again all the pictures we took on Saturday afternoon I have posted over on our picture blog so please go on over and have a look if you like.


Kelley said...

Sounds like you had a fun and relaxing weekend. I love poking around old houses and stuff. History is so fascinating!

Tammy & Jeremy said...

Sounds fun! Great find on those Adidas shoes. I have a pair myself.
So it sounds like you are the only young married on my blog list that isn't pregnant yet. Any ideas when??

Evey said...

Ask me again in 2 years:)

Zoe said...

You need to savor these times without kids! I love the fact that you and Chris take such fun, romantic little outings!!