Sunday, June 11, 2006

Hey guess what!?!?! The SUN came out today!!! Can you believe that? I can't, I was certain it would never shine again. Hopefully it stays this way for a while. The rain is getting old.

Chris and the guys from church were supposed to have their first softball games Friday night but they were all rained out. I guess we will have to wait till this Friday for game 1. Instead we ran some errands.

The World Cup started on Friday and it has been soccer ever since at our house. Chris recorded and watched 2 games Friday and 3 games yesterday and today. I don't really mind soccer. I would probably be more interested if Canada or Scotland were playing. Tomorrow night Chris and some friends from church are getting together to watch the USA game. Our friends David and Kellie have a very very nice big television. So they will be headed over there tomorrow evening. I however will stay home to watch the Oiler game:)

In between Chris's soccer watching yesterday we did some shopping. Nothing too exciting just some little things. Chris was happy to find a book he has been wanting "One Magical Sunday" for super cheap. He isn't a big reader, but Phil Mickelson is his favorite golfer so this book was a must read for him. I got a couple of new shirts which made me happy. I didn't feel like cooking last night so we got some Applebees to go and got home in plenty of time for us to eat and then get ready to watch the Oiler game.

I will admit I was a little nervous about this game. The Oilers needed to win last night and win they did. It might not have been pretty but who cares, we won and that's what matters. It was actually a great hockey game. We scored early and that pretty much set the tone for the whole game. We won the game 2-1 and got ourselves back into this series. Our goalie Jussi Markkanen who I have always thought is a decent goalie made the stops he needed to last night. Perhaps that will shut the critics up for the time being. Game 4 is tomorrow night and again it is a game we need to win. They need to feed off the momentum from last night and take it into tomorrows game and keep it rolling. LETS GO OILERS!!!!!!

Today has been pretty uneventful. We slept in this morning and so we didn't make it to church. Chris again was watching soccer today so I decided to watch Under the Tuscan Sun on the computer. I really enjoyed this movie, I have always liked Diane Lane and the scenery in this movie was unbelievable.

Now we are finishing watching the Mariner's game and then I think Chris is going to grill some burgers for supper. We will probably take Belle for a nice walk a little later and then perhaps watch a movie.


Linda MacTravel said...

Hang in there, Evey! The Oilers still have every chance!! They seem to have stepped things up a notch in last night's game! Glad the sun made an appearance - we had a lovely sunny day in Seattle, too! GO OILERS!!

Andrea said...

How's that river treatin' ya?