Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Match Made in Heaven

I apologize for the long gap in between posts this past week. In my defense I had a friend here from jolly old England and we were out gallivanting all weekend long. We had a great time but you will all just have to wait to hear about it because today is blog off day.

This past week was the suckiest island vote off yet. Carly from With A Turn And A Twist She Gets Her Wish was sent packing and I think that sucks. Even though she is out of the blog off you should really check out her blog. I really didn't think Carly was going to go this week and was very shocked to find out she had been ousted. I have lost my blog off sidekick:( Last week was crappy too when we had to say goodbye to Erin from Blaaahhhg. I suppose that is the name of the game and since I have survived this long I should really get to working on my post.


Linda MacTravel said...

Those pix are hilarious!! Who knew there were such talented artists out there that could capture the very essence of your unique characteristic features?? What a fun time you must have had!

Andrea said...

Oh dear. I'm scared.

Cupcake Blonde said...

I can't believe Carly is gone! Wow. Although I only do read yours and hers so I am not sure how the other bloggers are faring, but I thought her post on Regret was excellent.