Sunday, May 20, 2007

Where Do You Like to Eat?

I have been tagged by Carly to share with all of you our culinary experiences here in Boston. Chris and I probably eat out a little more than we should and yet our experiences at the great restaurants in and around this city are slim to none. We tend to get into the habit of going to the same places over and over.
List your top five favourite locations to eat, locally
Anna's Taqueria : I have blogged about Anna's many many times before. And with good reason really. They make the best burritos of anywhere I have ever been. And I have eaten at some great burrito places. The burritos are HUGE and the food in general is cheap. A super burrito and a drink for right around 5 bucks, you just can't go wrong with that. Chris and I could eat there everyday. And I probably would if I wasn't so busy counting calories and losing weight.
The British Beer Company : Chris and I discovered this place about a year ago and it quickly became on of our favorites. The food is good but the ambiance is what I love most about this place. I think Chris would say his favorite part is the selection of beer. They have over 150 beers from all over the world with a large chunk of them being British. They have done their homework in trying to recreate the British pub experience. While I have never been to a real British pub they seem to have done a fantastic job of achieving their goals. Evette and Richard will be here next week from England so I guess we will let them be the judge.
Kiku Yama Teppanyaki Steak House : We went here for Chris's birthday two years ago and it was outstanding. I had never eaten anywhere like this before, it was so much fun and the food was amazing. They cook your food right there in front of you. Of course the Chef puts on a little show for you which makes it even more fun to watch. The overall experience at this place was great. We would probably go back more often if the prices were a little cheaper or if we were a little richer.Vinny T's of Boston : Well I just finished blogging about Vinny T's last night so I won't repeat myself here again except to say that the food is excellent. If you want to an expanded explanation please read my previous post.
Texas Roadhouse : This place is just good. The have everything from steak to chicken to great burgers. The rolls and butter they bring you when you sit down are to die for. Seriously you could eat them ALL day long. For those of you in Seattle the place is a lot like Jimmy Mac's in Renton.
Chili's : Alright, I know this is a "chain" restaurant but I just don't care. I absolutely love Chili's. The food is good, the portions are good and the price is good. Chris and I usually eat at Chili's at least twice a month. The thing I love is that they have a "guiltless" section on the menu, not a lot of choices but the ones they do have I love. I can enjoy supper for right around 500 calories or less and I don't feel guilty about ordering their chips and salsa before hand. Their salsa might be my favorite. That alone might be the real reason I love Chili's so much. I also love the atmosphere at a place like Chili's. And now for my 5 tagees:
Evette - Since you live in England I want to hear about some of your favorites over there
Alison - I am curious to hear what crazy places you Nova Scotians like to eat at
Jodi - I have never been to South Dakota but in case I ever do I hope you can help me out
Kimmie - I am certain I won't be traveling to Grande Prairie anytime soon so this really is just an evil ploy to get you to blog
Cyndi - Cyndi is actually one of my fellow "blog-offers" and I would love to hear what places her and her hubby go out to when they hit the town out there in northern California
Alright kids, I'm hungry so get to work. And yes I cheated and did 6 restaurants but it was only because I love them all so much.


Sketti said...

Ah Crap! Now you're asking! Smiley and I don't eat out hardly ever...but I'll do my best! It may be the local chippy down the road...but I'll fulfill my part of being tagged!

So do we get to try any of these places next weekend?

Kelley said...

That burrito is the size of a Presto log!

Young Lady said...

all the food looks so delicious!

Cupcake Blonde said...

All those places sound great! I have only been to two of them so I will definately hae to check out the others my next trip to my hometown. I cheated too and put six places on my list as well. Don't forget to submit your selections to Nicole Tam. She's the one who created the list and is making a blogroll of everyone who participated. Her link is on my blog.

Nicole said...

Kiku Yama Teppanyaki Steak House looks yummy..I love japanese food!!! thanks for all the lovely pics!! sure make me more hungry than before!

Ps thanks for doing the tag. I hope you enjoyed it.. If you know of anyone else doing it please feel free to send me a message and I’ll update them too on the updated list of tag doers

Anonymous said...

Teppanyaki.. oh I love how it sizzles and it always taste so good! Don't they! Yes.. perfecto! I love em!

I must say, yeah... chili's never fails! They serve awesome stufff!

Thanks for playing along :D you did great!

QueenieCarly said...

Kobe Steakhouse is a place here that cooks your food in front of you. I've only been there once, but it was a pretty fun night and the place had a really cool vibe.

I wish we had a real taqueria here. I wish that more than anything.