Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Picture Day

So below I posted some pic from our dinner cruise a few weeks ago and some other random pics that were on the same roll of film. Enjoy!!

Today my friends is the most important day of the year. Or at least pretty close:) Tonight the 2005-2006 NHL season kicks off. Chris and I are excited, and lets all hope my Oilers can shut down his Avalanche tonight!!

I have to vent about most of you know I live in Boston. What you may not know is how INSANE people are here about the STUPID Red Sox. Chris and I cannot stand the Red Sox. It has made this past year living here very interesting to say the least. Well it is baseball playoff time. The Sox got their butts handed to them by Chicago last night and while it is my hope they will do the same tonight I am so annoyed that Lost will not be on till 11:30 pm because the local TV station feels it more important to air the Red Sox game which is already going to be on 2 other channels. But hey at least I hope it just gives Sox fans more channels to watch them lose on. haha!

With that said I must end this post with something MUCH more important...


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