Monday, October 31, 2005

The Great Pumpkin Adventure

I am such a slacker....Last week went by kinda fast, I didn't even realize it had been so long since my last post. I wish I had something super fun and exciting to tell you to make up for the lack of posting. But I don't really think I do, so you will just have to take what you get;)

Chris was on call this weekend and we were dog sitting for our landlords so we stuck around here, we usually do when Chris is on call. Belle always enjoys when we dog sit because it means more time than usual for her to be able to play with the girls.

Friday night Chris and I decided to carve our pumpkins. We tried to go to a pumpkin farm last weekend, but when we got there it was super lame. So Wednesday night we went to a local nursery and got our pumpkins. We didn't start carving them till pretty late, so by the time we carved them and cleaned up all our mess it was like 4 am.

Chris worked so hard on his pumpkin and he was so proud of it. He did a really good job, it took him at least 2 hours. He went online and got a Seahawks logo and printed it out and taped it to his pumpkin and then went about the tedious task of making all the little marks in the pumpkin so he knew where to make all the cuts and everything. I actually carved 2 pumpkins. One was just a normal Halloween pumpkin and then I did an Oilers logo, mine was much easier than his though. Not nearly as much work.

Saturday was a lazy relaxing day. We didn't really go anywhere...I did laundry and that was about it. We were going to take all 3 girls for a nice walk Saturday evening. But the weather had different plans. Around 4pm or so I looked out the window and noticed it was snowing. Since I LOVE the snow this made me very very very excited. Even though I knew it wasn't going to last through the night and that when I woke in the morning it would all be gone I was still so excited to see some beautiful snow.

Saturday night we got Chinese food and watched Bewitched with Will Ferrell and Nicole was cute, and as usual Will Ferrell was awesome. Sunday was much the same as Saturday, except Chris was gone on a couple of service calls for most of the afternoon. Today I had lunch with a friend and then we spent the afternoon walking around downtown. I would say we were shopping, but we didn't end up buying anything. And now here I sit FINALLY posting this, aren't ya'll relieved it is finally here;)

Hope everyone had a fun and safe Halloween, don't eat too much candy.......And now I am off to catch up on all my blog reading that I have totally been slacking on.

Happy Halloween

New Post coming to a blog near you......Monday October 31st...eveningish. Starring Chris and Evey McClees

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Lori is WONDERFUL, I just love her to bits. She sent Chris and I a BEAUTIFUL blanket. It is so soft and cozy, we love it. It is 2 sided and one of my favorite colors. She also sent us some yummy fudge and stuff. THANK YOU you:)

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Belle loves the blanket too....can you see her "hiding" here? Posted by Picasa

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Saturday, October 22, 2005

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Am I the only one confused as to what these stairs are for? Oh well, I took the pic anyways and it looks cool I think. Posted by Picasa

Friday, October 21, 2005

A Tale of a Puppy

Someone was asking me today how I ended up getting Belle. If you have already heard this story, my apologies.

Ever since I met Chris I was constantly telling him how much I had always wanted a dog. And he was always telling me he was allergic to dogs. This made me sad cause I was thinking...."I really like this guy, but man I want a dog." lol. Anyways we had been dating for 6 months and Chris took me out to dinner in Seattle. Afterwards we were walking around Seattle Center which is where the Space Needle and stuff is. Chris turns to me and says "you know, I have never been to the top of the Space Needle do you want to go?" Now me being terrified of elevators AND heights my immediate answer was NO. I mean really, how on earth did he think he was going to get me in an elevator that is on the OUTSIDE of the building with glass windows. So we sat there and looked up for a while and finally he says "would you go up there with me if I promised you that you can get a puppy someday?" This really got me thinking, but I was convinced that if I agreed and did it that he was not serious. That would have sucked. lol. After a long time (at least an hour) of sitting and thinking and shaking I was so scared I finally said ok. He kept asking me if I was sure and I just said "don't give me a chance to change my mind." We bought our tickets and there was no turning back once I stepped foot on the elevator. I was terrified...and the cheesy jokes from the elevator dude didn't help. Sorry buddy but "this is a great job, but it has its ups and downs" is NOT funny. We got to the top and I was so glad I went, it was beautiful, the view was amazing. However when we got back on the ground I was darn near kissing it.

On Valentines Day 2004, 6 months before we got married...Chris says to me "wanna get a puppy?" Just out of the blue like that, I thought he was kidding because I was certain he was not going to let me get a dog till long after we were married. I figured he would put it off as long as possible. Anyways he was like "i'm serious," when I finally realized he was I got so freaking excited. Immediately I went on and started looking around. We had decided that whenever we did get our first dog that we would adopt one. So after about 5 minutes I came across Belle's 'ad.' I fell in love with her immediately and I said to Chris THIS IS THE ONE I WANT. He agreed that she was pretty darn cute. So we called the shelter where she was to see if they still had her. Of course they did. So the next day we drove a few hours to a place in Eastern Washington to see her. She was so cute and she looked so scared sitting in her kennel. It was a no brainer, we knew the minute we saw her that she was the one we wanted. And that was that....we paid for her and came back two days later to pick her up after she was sent to the vet for shots and to be fixed and stuff.

Annabelle was actually the name they had given her at the pound, we liked it so we decided to keep it. She was about 10 months old when we got her and we have enjoyed every moment. She has her issues (she doesn't get a long with other dogs), she is hyper and super energetic. But we love it. I wouldn't trade her in for any dog.

And I must point out that Chris who was NOT a dog person before we got her is such a huge dog person now. He even calls me when he is driving to tell me about "the cute dog he saw hanging out a car window" or "the cute dog he saw being walked". haha.....and let me tell you Belle is definitely a daddy's girl, she adores him. She even bites her nails just like dad. lol

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This is Annie....she is our landlords little girl and she is so stinkin cute. She just turned 3 a few months ago and Chris and I just love her.We live in a basement suite and our landlords live last night Annie was peeking down at us:) Posted by Picasa

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Chris took Belle out to pee tonight...all was normal....Belle was going pee only to realize she was not alone. She was being watched. Mid pee she started freaking out at the wonderful kitty sitting up in the trees in our backyard watching her:) So I went out and snapped a couple of pics. Don't the cats eyes look freaky?!

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I am so proud of my husband....We moved out here last year for him to start a job he had never done before, a job he had no knowledge in. Many people told us we were crazy for taking such a huge risk. But we didn't listen and I am so glad we didn't. He has essentially gotten THREE raises this year. The first was inevitable because of his job change he got paid a little more money. But then about 6 months ago out of the blue they gave him a raise. Then a few weeks ago he got his yearly raise. Not only did he get his yearly raise but his was 5%, which is the highest. I am so proud of him, he has worked so hard this past year and it shows.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Alright, I saw this over on Amanda's blog and thought I would do it here. So here you go. I am not going to tag anyone on this one, but if you do decide to do it let me know. Ok........

Go to and select Images. Type in your responses to the questions below and choose a picture from the first page only that represents your answer.

Your home town?
The town/city where you now live?
Last years favorite Christmas present?
Your occupation?
Your hobby or pastime?
What's your favorite meal?
Favorite smell?
Your ideal vacation spot?

Hometown: Edmonton, Alberta

Town/city I now live: Boston, Massachusetts

Last years favorite Christmas present: My leather purse Chris got me

Your occupation: I used to be an Esthetician and hope to be a Vet Tech

Hobby or Pastime: reading, watching movies, going to Starbucks with friends/hubby

Favorite Meal: Steak

Favorite Smell: Lavender

Ideal Vacation Spot: Scotland (since i was born there and all)