Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Ours was pretty uneventful. On Saturday we did some Outlet shopping, that was fun. I got some new shoes and a few new shirts and Chris a few shirts. On the way home we stopped in at Chilis for supper. That was about the extent of our weekend excitement.

There are a few blogs I want to encourage you all to read, check in on and comment on once in a while:) First there is Dave and Sue (my big bro and his wife. They were slackers about their blog for a long time but then they got better and blogging more regular and blogging photos etc. But then their computer totally died this past few weeks so they are back to not being able to blog as often. BUT I think knowing they have readers who come by regularly they will make an effort to blog more.


Then there is Andrea. She is my very good friend and married to my brother in law. She is a huge slacker. Don't tell her I told you but I think she thinks noone reads her blog so that's why she slacks off so much.


And then there is my mother in law Linda. She is not a slacker, she is just not into the blogging business as much. But she does have a blog where from time to time she will post pictures, she takes such beautiful pictures andblog about her different traveling adventures.


So please take a moment out of your day today and make a stop at these three blogs, tell them hello. Then add them to your favorites and make regular stops.

That is all, my work here is done.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

I have been tagged......

I am usually horrible at doing these, but I have been tagged by Zoe so I thought I would give it a go:)

1) Get tagged
2) Post 5 things about yourself that aren't already mentioned in your blog
3) Tag other people that you would like to know more about

I think the reason I never do these is because I can never think of anything interesting. Here goes.....

1. I wouldn't say I am a closet Christina Aguilera fan, I just don't shout it out from the mountaintops. But YES I like her, I do not like all of her music or her songs but I think her voice is INCREDIBLE! I could listen to her sing her slower songs forever. And she is so good live, I love it. I think she is super talented, and you have to admit that in the last few years she has definitely cleaned her act up and is nowhere near the levels of skankiness she once was and that people such as Britney still displays.

2. I play the cornet/trumpet (most of you may know this) and I have since I was 7 years old. I do not play as much as I used to and I really really miss it.

3. I love to watch shows on A&E and those channels about criminal profiling, forensics and crime scene investigation etc. These fields have always interested me. And no I am not morbid I just find how they track people and figure out how their minds work and gather evidence etc to be very interesting and fascinating.

4. I am very much a girl and love the color pink, things like shopping, makeup, scrapbooking and gardening but I also love sports, on TV and live. I love to play fantasy hockey, football and baseball against all the boys and beat them:)

5. While hockey is my favorite sport and always will be, baseball has become my second favorite sport. When I met Chris I hated baseball and I hated the thought of watching a baseball game even more. Chris's mom (not Chris) single handedly turned me into the Seattle Mariners maniac I am today. Once I really learned about the game and that it is so much more than just hitting a ball I was hooked. And I cannot wait for baseball season to start. Win or lose I love the Mariners and will watch all 162 of their games over the long 6 month season.

Now I tag.......Pooky, Kirsten, Jenn and Andrea

Friday, January 26, 2007

As most of you know I am a dog person. I am not just the person who likes dogs, I love them. If I see someone walking down the street walking their dog I will go out of the way just to maybe get to pet it. Whenever I see a dog or puppy of any kind it makes me smile. I love all kinds of dogs....Big, small, fat, skinny, ugly or hairless. I do however have a pet peeve when it comes to little dogs....

Small yippy dogs drive me nuts. When I am walking a muscular Pitt/chow/lab mix and we encounter a little shitzue or whatever it was and the little thing starts snarling and baring its teeth it really irritates me. Why do owners let them behave in such a manner? Is it because they are small? If my dog acts like that she is punished and she knows she cannot get away with it. Why when the little dog is aggressive it is cute or because they are small they need to show they are tough. Yet when a bigger dog acts in such a way they are labeled as vicious.

Another thing I was thinking about today is how dogs are judged by their breed. Most of the people doing the judging have no knowledge of the breed they just base their opinions on what they see on the news etc. One of the dogs I walk is a Pitt mix. My own dog who is a lab mix has some Pitt in her. It makes me sad that society has been set in a way of thinking about breeds such as Pitt bulls without even really having the knowledge to make a fair judgment. There could be 20 dog attacks in the country and ONE could be by a Pitt bull and THAT is the one that will be reported. No one ever bothers reporting when its anything but a bigger "bully" breed of dog. I knew a family who's perfectly healthy golden retriever attacked their two children. But you don't hear about those stories on the news. I am not saying that everyone should love big breeds like Pitt bulls, German shepherds etc, I am just saying I wish more people would think twice before making the judgment and realize that dog attacks by ANY dog are usually caused by fear, parents leaving small children unsupervised with the family dog etc. ANY breed of dog can be trained to attack on command, sadly because Pitt bulls and other big muscular breed of dogs are trained sometimes to be this way people assume they are all that way. So think twice next time you are walking down the street and cross to the other side because you see someone walking towards you with a big dog and instead of assuming it will somehow eat you right there on the street maybe stop and ask the person what kind of dog it is and if its friendly.

I realize I may have opened a gigantic can of worms here. I hope you can realize this as my opinion and not turn the comment section of this post into an argument.

Oh and I almost got ran over 3 times today. People don't seem to get that when they have a red light and I am crossing the street they cannot go.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Ok I am sure you are all growing tired of my claims that I will blog everyday and I will visit your blogs everyday and that I will just stop being such a slacker. So this time, I will not say that. I will just blog and then be on my way to catch up on all of you:)

While we are on the topic of my sucky blogging, my friend Carly over at


and I have decided to challenge each other on this whole blogging daily thing. I have a feeling she may come out on top on this one. So to keep us blogging at least once daily we thought some sort of incentive is needed. If any of you have any ideas please shoot them our way. We need all the help we can get:)

When I got on the bus yesterday morning there was a young 20 something male sitting at the very front of the bus (you know the seats that are "priority seating") looking all cool in his jeans that are 10 times to big for him and his hat that is 10 times too big for him. As the bus continued down the rode and continued to fill up he kept sitting there looking like the cool guy he is. All this time he is taking up two seats, perhaps he had to because his pants were so freaking big they needed a seat all for themselves. Finally we get to another stop and THREE elderly people get on the bus. Nevermind the fact that nobody up front moved for them but HE continued to sit in those TWO seats like he didn't have a care in the world while Enid, Mabel and Cecil tried to hold on for dear life. I just don't get it, maybe it is the simple fact I live in Boston and most people here are just rude and don't give a crap about anyone else. I just thought everyone had the common knowledge and courtesy to know when its time to give up your seat and when it's not.


Dear short lady on your cell phone with boiling coffee in your hand trying to balance yourself as the bus lurches to and fro while you continue to talk on your cell phone. IF YOU SPILL THAT HOT COFFEE ON ME I will be very very very upset. It's not a surfing nor a balance contest so SIT DOWN!!

She didn't spill the coffee on me, but she came close at least 3 times. What is wrong with people?

Thursday, January 18, 2007

American Idol

While I am glad you all enjoyed my previous post, I am now afraid I have set the bar a little too high for myself. I am just not that funny on a regular basis, yesterday was just a good humor day for me. But I will do my best to rise to the occasion and keep you all coming back for more.

I am sad to report that I have no good bus stories for you today since Chris was my chauffeur for the day. Chris really didn't do anything super funny, he didn't soak in perfume and he certainly didn't have a spiderman touque on. Perhaps I should get him a spiderman touque though so that on days like today we will all have something to laugh at. I will see what I can do.

I am not the hugest American Idol fan. I don't have anything against the show it is just a show I have never watched from the first episode right through to the finale. I usually watch all the audition episodes at the beginning and then watch the finale. Usually all the in between stuff I will just keep up to date on through the internet.

The auditions never let down in their entertainment factor. While there are probably more than a few of those people who know they can't sing yet they still come on the show for the simple reason of getting on TV, there are those who are so unbelievably horrible it is sad. Not sad because they are horrible, but sad because they actually truly believe they are good. How does that happen really? Who tells these people they can sing? Is it a cruel joke they play so they can watch their friends or family member make a complete fool of themselves? Or is it more that they are just as stupid too and actually think that person can sing? While I do feel bad for them when the judges let them know they completely suck at the same time I don't feel bad for the simple reason that if you have ever seen the show you should be prepared for what could be said to you. My favorite auditions from the show so far this season are as follows....

1. The weird guy from Utah. There are no words to describe this guy. You really need to see his clip for yourselves. He sang Unchained Melody and when he was finished Simon said "It was almost non-human." And he was right, it was so bizarre.

2. Darwin and her mother. Darwin was just WEIRD. She looked weird and she talked weird. She was way on the creepy side. Her mother wasn't any better. They looked exactly the same except for hair color. And lets not forget she was not wearing a bra and her dancing around made me cringe. It was rather disturbing. Oh and how can I forget to mention the "novella" she wrote after being inspired by American Idol. She also pointed out how she thought she had a very sexy look. You be the judge.......3. Who will ever forget "Big Red" ?? I know I will never forget this, I have never laughed so hard at any other Idol audition. This was the best because the judges were crying they were laughing so hard, even Simon couldn't hold it in. He tried to sing the song Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen and even boldy compared his singing ability to that of Freddy Mercury. 4. Then there was Jennifer who called herself "The Hotness." I am sorry, but she was WRONG in so many ways and on so many levels. She couldn't sing and she was just downright nasty. I still have shivers! **SHUDDER** As she was walking out she mumbled to Simon something about getting a report and giving himself a labotomy. lol. BIZARRE!!!! For some reason the pic of her didn't post. If you would like to see how hot she is please go here, she is picture number 3 of 508..... http://www.americanidol.com/photos/view/?set=112&seq=2

Please follow this link below and go and enjoy the recap for yourself from if you didn't get a chance to see these stellar performances.


And for all you people out there who think the American Idol judges are mean, get over it. People shouldn't go on there if they can't handle it. You know what the show is about before you go there. You know if you suck you will be made fun of. Get over it. It is nearly impossible not to laugh in some of those situations. I remember a long time ago at Music Camp one year when one girl who was completely tone deaf and could not sing AT ALL sang in the vocal competition. As soon as she started singing it took everything in me to hold in the laughter. Kirsten you might remember who I am talking about. It was so funny, poor thing.

Oh and on an unrelated note, Chris and I decided to switch over to the new blogger since all the cool kids are doing it. But we tried and we can't cause apparently our blog is too big. Oh well, I didn't really want to switch anyways.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Bus Drivers Part 2

Dear Mr Bus Driver:

When you see someone running to your bus stop and once reaching the bus stop they are waving to flag you down what do you think that means? I think it means that person wants to get on your bus. I would also think it means that you are SUPPOSED to stop to let that person on your bus instead of barreling down the street at 50 miles per hour. Mr. Bus Driver I am really starting not to like you.


Dear 30 something male on the bus:

I know that it is cold outside but the spiderman touque is a little much for one your age....I'm just saying.

And finally....

Dear Lady sitting beside me on the subway:

Your perfume smells nice. However, I think actually soaking yourself and your clothing in it before you leave your house in the morning is a little much. Next time try just a few spritzes, I bet you will smell great and the person sitting next you will not have to choke.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Why do bus drivers feel the need to jam the bus so full that you are like human sardines? You don't even need to hold on to anything if you are standing up because you are so jammed in there, there is no way you can fall over. Then the bus driver gets mad and yells at people to "move back" so he can let the next person on the bus and they have to be behind the yellow line. WHERE THE HECK ARE WE SUPPOSED TO MOVE TO?????? Then to top it all off he opens the door for about 3 seconds at your stop before he is off and going again. Meanwhile you have missed your stop because you aren't able to wade through all the people quick enough to get out the door in time.

STUPID BUS DRIVER....get another job sir.
Ok so clearly I am back to the whole sucky blogger thing. Everyday there are things I mean to blog but I forget and by that time it is too late. So now again I challenge myself to blog something everyday, even a picture. Lets see how I do this time around.

Question to all of you have turned to the dark side and switched to the new blogger.....does the spell check recognize the word blog or blogger or blogging or blogged?

I don't have anything exciting to tell you this morning. In fact I need to go get ready. There are doggies to be walked and poop to be scooped and someone has to do it;)

Happy Tuesday:)

Sunday, January 14, 2007


As you may (or should) know, our household lives and dies with the Hawks! We play the Bears in the Divisional Playoffs today, and WE WILL BREAK THEM. This time around, its a totally different game. We've got Shaun Alexander back, we've got Jerramy Stevens back, and our offensive line is jelling together at the right time. Our defense is a little banged up, but luckily, we're playing Rex "Head Case" Grossman today. Hopefully we can take advantage of some turnovers and RUN THE FOOTBALL. LET'S DO IT! GO HAWKS!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

New World Record!

My wife has set a new world record!!! After speaking with Guiness Book of World Records, she is now officially the youngest person in the history of the world to use a pill reminder box! At 29, she shatters the previous record of Eunice Mabel Enid von Trelchingham, who was 87.

What a glorious day this is! She is basking in the glow of pill reminderness and looking forward to setting more records....maybe in the category of "Youngest person to take osteoporosis pills" or "Youngest to use Depends" (hopefully the former, not the latter...)

But seriously, my wife is horrible at taking pills. She always asks me, "did I take my pill today?" I'm like, "I have no idea!" Then she says, "I can't remember if I did or not." Then we go through the whole process of taking each individual pill out of the bottle and counting them while remembering when she took the missing ones. Great. Hopefully this pill reminder box will righten the ship...

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Friday night Chris and I went to this new restaurant/pub we have been meaning to go to for quite some time called The British Beer Company. We went with our friends Becca and Travis and Georgette and Tyrone as kind of a birthday celebration for me. It was a pretty fun place, the food was good (I had fish and chips) and the beer was even better. They had over 150 different British beers. I had a Scottish beer from Edinburgh called John Courage and Chris stuck with his old favorite Newcastle. The setup of the place was pretty neat and really gave it the feel and look of an English pub. On weekends they have live bands. The band they had Friday was pretty good. They did a little bit of everything from Led Zeppelin to Jimi Hendrix to the Beatles.

Travis and Becca

It is Tyrone's dream to be in a Heineken commercial

Saturday night we went over to our friends Joy and Brian's to watch the Seahawks/Cowboys playoff game. They are from Texas and therefore Cowboys fans so we thought that it would be fun to watch it with them. It was a crazy game, both teams have really struggled this year so it was really a toss up as to who was going to be the better team. Neither team was all that great but a couple of crazy plays in the 4th quarter went in the Seahawks favor and we ended up pulling it out 21-20. Chris and I were pretty pumped. GO HAWKS! Next week they will face either the New Orleans Saints or the Chicago Bears. Personally I hope we play the Bears. The game was pretty boring for the first 3 quarters so we had to rely on entertainment from the dogs. They have a cocker spaniel named Jagger and were also taking care of our friends Amy and Troy's cocker spaniel Nettie.

Today we had lunch at Chili's with our friends John and Kelli. After that it was home to watch some football and clean the house.

I hope everyone had a great weekend:)

Blogger is being lame so I will post the rest of my pics under this post...

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Thursday, January 04, 2007

As I said in my previous post Chris and I went to Red Robin for supper last night. YUMMY!! I wish there was one closer. Knowing how much I hate having happy birthday sung to me in restaurants Chris has never been brave enough to have it done. Last night I guess he decided I was due for a good old rendition of happy birthday. I thought I was off the hook when we were done our meals and the waitress asked us if we wanted any desert and we said no. Next thing I know I turn to see her coming with a sundae and 5 people trailing behind her. I could have killed Chris, I was SO embarrassed. Even better was when she yelled "hey everyone today is Yvonne's birthday and she is turning 21", LOL! Their bday song was to the tune of the Flinstones, I couldn't tell you any of the words since I was too busy trying to figure out how to make myself disappear. Ha! Oh well, all was good and I got a free sundae out of it. The pictures below are of me while I was being sung to. Don't I look thrilled?!?!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy 2007 and Happy Birthday to......

ME!! Yup today is my birthday. Chris and I are going to go to Red Robin for supper since it is one of our fav restaurants and we never go because the closest one to us is an hour away. So I am excited about that. Friday night we will enjoy supper with a few friends. I am not one of those people who hates birthdays and is horrified about getting older so I welcome 29 and this coming year and what it will have in store for both Chris and myself. I am excited about my dog walking business continuing to grow, I am excited for the potential for movement there is for Chris in his job within the next year or so. I am excited for the possibility of moving by the end of next year. I am excited about the possibility of actually reaching my weight loss goals and feeling tons better about myself. There is so much I look forward to in this next year.

Dave and Sue sent our Christmas goodies a little late this year and we happened to get the box this morning, so that was kinda fun to get it on my birthday. Thank you for everything, you guys are awesome.

I hope you all had a very happy blessed holiday season. From us to you...