Tuesday, April 26, 2005

No Skunk For Me Thanks

The other evening Chris and I were out walking Belle, we were chatting away and Belle was busy sniffing everything and anything she could. Now it was already dark outside so when we saw this small something or other in a yard right beside us we weren't sure at first as to what it was. Belle made a dart for this furry critter just as Chris said "oh #&!*", then I noticed for myself that what was staring at us from mere inches away was a SKUNK!!!!!!!!!!!! I then added my own "oh *!#&"! Now please imagine Chris and I running off down the street, hauling Belle behind us laughing as we went.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Excuse Me Sir, But Your Dryer is on Fire

Ok so I had to get to a computer to post about this. The other night Chris and I went to the same Laundromat we always go to to do our laundry. It was busier than usual, probably due to the fact we were there at 5pm instead of 8pm. Anyways so we proceed to put three loads in the washers only to quickly be frustrated by the fact one of them wasn't working after we already put our money in. So I pulled all the clothes out and put them into another. Once the washers were done Chris and I proceeded to put our laundry in the dryers as we always do. Now normally we put enough quarters in for the dryers to go for around an hour and then we leave and go to Starbucks or something while we wait for our clothes to dry. But not this day, we decided to just hang around and wait this time. And good thing to, cause not even 5 minutes after we put the clothes in the dryers this other guy checks one of his dryers right above one of ours cause he smells something funny. And sure enough when he opens it there is smoke coming out, so very quickly he grabs all his clothes out and luckily none of them had caught fire. So as he is peering into his dryer Chris and I joined him and saw lovely flames growing behind the dryer where the lint traps are. Now ironically there was no fire extinguisher, I am still baffled by this. Its a Laundromat full of HOT industrial dryers and you have no means of putting out even the smallest of fires. So anyways Chris and I then very quickly pulled our wet clothes out of our dryers and took them to the car. Chris called 911 and the number on the wall for the owner of the place. We all gathered to watch the fireman show up and put out the flamage as well as make big holes in the wall and ceiling and rip the whole front of the dryer off. We laughed, cause in a way maybe it was a good way to tell Mr. Laundromat Man they should clean their lint traps once in a while. So it was annoying cause we had to take our wet clothes to another Laundromat to have them dried. But entertaining regardless.

What did I learn from all this.....well I learned that I will NEVER go back to that Laundromat and I also learned that I will NEVER leave my clothes in the dryer and go to Starbucks for coffee. LOL.

That is all:) Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend.