Sunday, March 28, 2010

Chris and Evey Go on Tour

I can't believe we are on day 5 of our trip and I am just getting a chance to blog now. I had originally hoped I would sit down and blog each night, giving you all a recap of what we had done and where we had been that day. It turned out though that by the time we got to our hotel each night all we wanted to do was sleep. I will do my best to get you all caught up to us. It could take a while so get your coffee or tea and get comfortable.

We are thankful for friends who were willing to come over and help us pack our crap into the truck. All I had to so was feed them pizza and beer and they were happy. After they went home Monday night Chris and I spent a few more hours getting odds and ends packed and organized so we would have as little to do in the morning as possible. Of course we left about 4 hours later than we had originally planned. I know this will be a shock to most of you who know I am always late for everything. Time just got away from us and by the time we had everything packed and the apartment cleaned it was almost noon. Oh well, a quick stop at Target and we were on our way.


I must admit that when we first started driving I became more and more convinced that the truck was heavier on my side and that it was going to tip over. Chris of course laughed at me. He seems to be right though because we have made it all this way and we haven't tipped over yet.

Once we were finally on the road we headed out of Massachusetts (YAY) and then it was on into Connecticut and New York. Normally we would go around New York City and avoid the George Washington Bridge at all costs. But we decided that given the time of day that traffic would not be that bad. The we saw this sign and thought "OH CRAP!!"
But we decided not to get annoyed about it, we did make the choice and we were stuck in it now so there was no sense complaining about it. Much to our surprise traffic actually moved quite well and we ended up only being stuck for about a half hour. It would have taken us just as long to go around so it worked out. Our first day of driving was pretty boring for the both of us as it was through places we had driven through before. We made it to Winchester, Virginia where we decided to stop for the night.

Day 2

I was happy to finally be out of all the states I had been to before. After stopping at Starbucks for breakfast and coffee (and paying full price for the first time in 8 years) we were on the road again. Virginia took a lot longer to drive through than we thought. We didn't arrive in Nashville till it was dark which was a little disappointing for me since Nashville was one of the places I was really excited to see. We decided to take the advice of some friends of our and hit up a BBQ place downtown Nashville. We are so glad we made this stop because it was SO good. The place was called Jack's BBQ. I had chicken, pulled pork and brisket. Chris had ribs, turkey and brisket. Totally worth the detour into downtown. YUM! After that we doubled back to Opryland so I could see and get some pics of the Grande Ole Opry. I have always loved country music and especially a lot of the old school stuff so this was very exciting for me. Of course it was closed but the building itself was lit up and we got some good pics. YAY!

After this we were back on the highway for a few hours and decided to stop for the night in Jackson, Tennessee. Thanks again Best Western.

That is all for today, I have a baseball game to get to. Either I will be back on here tonight or tomorrow some time so keep on checking :)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Raising Money for Breast Cancer Awareness

Just wanted to put a reminder here about what my mother in law and I are doing to raise money for breast cancer research. Please check out the blog HERE and contact me via email ( to find out how you can support me in my weight loss as well as support a cause that is really close to my heart.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Is it really that hard to scoop poop? I am so tired of stepping in others peoples dog crap!

Sunday, February 07, 2010