Friday, March 31, 2006

Drugstore Chatter

The other night Chris and I were at the drugstore picking up a few things. We were in the make-up aisle and Chris was helping me look for a color. If you didn't know any better, it did look pretty odd considering Chris was standing down aways from me.

So this big black lady comes up behind Chris and asks, "debating the color?"

Chris responded jokingly with, "yeah, I can't decide between naked and nearly naked."

She looks at Chris with a big grin on her face and says, "nearly nekkid!"

We all had a good laugh, it was really funny.

It is so beautiful out today, it's is so nice to wake up to these warm mornings rather than burying yourself deeper into the blankets because it is so darn cold. Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Movie Tuesday Round 3

So last night was movie Tuesday. Having this 5 dollar Tuesdays has been so awesome. I am not sure how long they will continue to do it, my hope is that it is a permanent thing. Before we started doing this we hadn't been to a movie in theatres in months. It is just too darn expensive nowadays, even matinees. Last night we went to see Inside Man with Denzel Washington. I was pretty sure I would like this movie because I love Denzel. I was definitely not disappointed. It was one of those movies that makes you have to actually think and pay attention. So far we are 3 for 3 in seeing good movies since we started going each week. Fun times.

I am so excited spring is here. Yesterday was so beautiful out and so far today is turning out to be the same. I am looking forward to start planting again this year. Hopefully the things that didn't grow last year will be better this year.

For those of you who may have noticed that I have just recently added your links in my sidebar I am sorry it took me so long, I just kept forgetting. If you don't see yourself over there let me know so I can add you, I may have left it off and not realized.

Happy Wednesday!!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I lived to tell about it......

Yes I am still alive. There was no death by dental torture thank God. Actually it was a rather quick appointment. Once he took a look in my mouth he explained to me that when you have teeth extracted that the gums shrink around the socket and sometimes pieces of the socket get sharp and break themselves off. So basically he said it is better to see if they work their way out in the next couple of weeks. He said if not to c0me back and it will take him just a couple of minutes to numb me and pull them out. Can't be any worse than having 3 teeth extracted in a matter of 4 weeks.

I walk a dog for friends of ours during the week. They are super busy and wanted some extra loving for their dog Maggie. Anyways sometimes Chris comes with me depending on his work schedule. Today we headed over there right after my dental appointment and since Chris wasn't working today we brought Belle as well. Chris brought it to my attention afterwards that he didn't want to come in the first place because walking Maggie was my job. Well excuse me....LOL. I thought the fact he wasn't working today it was a great chance to have a nice walk together with our dog as well and enjoy the beautiful sunny day. He also pointed out to me that walking is stupid and that it does him no good. Funny I thought considering people can't stress enough that walking is great exercise. He also pointed out that drinking water is useless. LOL. I dunno....I guess he is anti healthy today. To each their own I suppose, he will be sorry when I am running a gazzilion miles every morning and he can't keep up with me.
I HATE THE DENTIST! Actually I am terrified of the dentist. I always have been, I am not really sure why. I have never had a bad dentist nor anything out of the ordinary happen to me while I am at the dentist. I am just terrified of going. You would think after all I went through in January I would be over my fear by now. Anyways, around last Thursday I noticed something sharp poking out of my gums on either side near the back in the bottom. It hasn't gotten any better and my tongue on the left side is taking a little bit of a beating. I am assuming it is either a couple of pieces of tooth that somehow eluded being removed from my mouth when they were pulled OR it is fragments of bone. Either way, it sucks. I am not sure how they fix this, probably either filing it down or pulling it off. Have I mentioned I am terrified of the dentist?????

So here we go again...I am off to the dentist within the hour. Keeping my fingers crossed that novacaine won't be necessary. Wish me luck!!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Chris and I are both sports nuts. While I love hockey, baseball and football I am not a fan of basketball, even soccer is iffy for me unless it is some sort of big championship game or something. However, with that being said there is something about "March Madness" that brings out the college basketball fan in me that doesn't exist the other 11 months of the year. It's the oddest thing. Friday night we stayed home to watch the University of Washington Huskies take on the University of Connecticut Huskies. We of course were cheering for Washington. It was a really good game but in the end Uconn won it in OT. Boooooo!

Before we watched the game on Friday we took Belle to a new park we found. We liked it because not only did it have nice walking and bike paths all over but it also had trails through the trees and stuff. They also had 2 huge fenced in tennis courts so that we could take Belle off leash and let her run.

Earlier in the day Friday I met some friends for lunch at a Mexican restaurant down in Harvard Square. It was our friend Lucy's birthday so me, Becca, Amy and Georgette took her out to lunch.

Saturday was about as exciting as Friday night. We stayed home most of the day. I decided it was the perfect day to have a nice soak in the tub and finish the book I had been currently reading. I got my candles lit and in the tub I went. After quite some time had gone by I reached up to grab my water and at the same time somehow one of my candles fell behind me into the tub. And there went HOT purple wax all over my butt. LOL!! Boy did that hurt. Later that evening we watched both the Oilers and the Avs games. I really am so happy that the Oil took it too the Canucks 6 out of 8 times this season. I can't stand those pesky Canucks so it felt great:)

Sunday was more of staying home and doing nothing. Chris got this new soccer game on PS2 so he spent a lot of time playing that. Sunday night the Oilers and the Avs played each other and luckily for me the Oilers won the game in a shootout.

So there ya have it....Not very exciting this weekend. But we liked it that way since the 2 before we were going non stop. I hope everyone is having a great Monday!!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Babies Babies Babies

It is no secret that many of our regular readers are pregnant. Which is super awesome and I am happy for each and every one of you.

Now to make it clear before ya'll get any ideas NO I am not pregnant. I have just been thinking a lot lately about how some people seem so astounded that Chris and I are both 28 and have no plans to have kids in the near future. I need to make it known that we DO WANT kids and we WILL have kids. Just not right now. Heck, we even have our kids names picked out, and have so since before we were married. I guess I may as well let you all know what they are so that if all you pregnant people are naming your babies any of these names....Your being warned now, our kids WILL have the same name;) We have 2 boy and 2 girl names all ready to go. For boys it is Noah Christopher and Aidan Jakob. For girls it is Emily Margaret and Audrey Eve.

It seems more and more people are having babies later these days and I don't really think that is a bad thing. I guess it depends on who you are, when you got married and where you are at in your life. I suppose I could make up a million reasons as to why we are not ready or why we don't want kids yet. I could say financially we don't feel ready. Or I could say that we plan on being in Massachusetts a few more years and have no desire to start a family here. There are a million reasons. Now that doesn't mean if we got pregnant right now that we wouldn't be very happy and very excited. We have not yet been married 2 years and we are really just enjoying our time together and figuring out our future. Chris is working hard to better himself in his job and secure our future in that manner and I am looking forward to going back to school.

I will admit that when we first got married I felt super old because I had so many friends who were younger than me and married for 3 plus years with kids. Then I moved here and came to realize that I am not old at all. In fact the majority of our close friends here are 29 and above and none have kids yet. Granted two of them are expecting in September but that's not the point.

We had a marriage seminar at our church a month or so ago and one of the things that was really pressed was how important your married time without kids is. And I have to agree, this time with Chris I wouldn't trade for anything in the world. And when we have kids, we have kids.

So there ya have it. I just felt that some people thought we didn't want kids and I wanted people to know that that is not the case:)

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Once Again....Movie Tuesday

Chris and I went to see V for Vendetta tonight which we both really enjoyed. I am glad we saw this one in theatres! I recommend this one, mostly because Natalie Portman is named EVEY in this movie. And we all know how awesome people with the name Evey are;)

Monday, March 20, 2006

Happy Monday!

Friday night Chris and I decided to stay home and watch a movie. We have had Million Dollar Baby sitting here for 2 months (netflix) and just haven't gotten around to watching it. I really don't know why it took us so long to watch it because it was a really really REALLY good movie. It was sad and I cried like a baby. Now I understand why it won the Oscar and why Hillary Swank won the Oscar last year. If you haven't seen it you most definitely should.

Saturday we decided to go back to Newport, Rhode Island for the day. When we went the first time we spent most of the day at Fort Adams State Park. This time we saw more of the ocean and the actual town. Newport is officially on my list of favorite places. I LOVE it there. We left here around 11:30 am and got down there right around 1pm. Which was totally perfect because it gave us plenty of daylight to do everything we wanted to. We went and parked along the "ocean drive" and walked and took lots of pictures. I love the ocean. We were going to have a picnic but it was so windy that we decided to eat in the back of Chris's van. Works for me, it wasn't windy and the seagulls didn't get all up in my business.

After we had lunch we continued on the "ocean drive" and saw all the beautiful houses right on the water. Then we headed into town where all their historical mansions and stuff are. We didn't get as many pictures of all the houses and stuff as we would have liked. Mostly because it was cold and we didn't want to get out and walk.

Once we headed back into the heart of Newport we found a place to park and of course got us some Starbucks. We decided to walk down the main street and check out all the little shops and stuff. We ended up going into Helly Hansen just to look around. When we got back to the shoe section we noticed a rack with a sign that said 75% off. Chris was very happy when he saw a nice pair of Adidas runners on that rack. A little fact about Chris--he will not by anything NOT Adidas, he is very picky in that way. Anyways he really needed a new pair of runners and so we got them. Regular 75 dollars and we got them for 18. Sweet!!

After that we pretty much headed home. We got home in time to have some dinner and then to watch the Oilers/Red wings game. Sunday morning I wasn't feeling to great so Chris went to church without me. When he got home we spent a nice day at home doing nothing. We did watch Star Wars Episode 3 in the afternoon.

Once again all the pictures we took on Saturday afternoon I have posted over on our picture blog so please go on over and have a look if you like.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Movie Tuesdays

Tuesday nights have become our new movie night. We both love going to see movies in the theatre but rarely go because it is so expensive. The movie theatre by our place that we usually go to has 5 dollar movie Tuesdays. Therefore Tuesday is now movie night.

We went to see Failure to Launch this week. It was actually a really good movie.....And no not just because Matthew McConaughey is gorgeous. Even Chris enjoyed it, there was a lot of comedy in it.

I posted previously about last Saturday when we went to Rhode Island for the day. I have posted all our pictures from that day over on our picture blog if you want to go check them out:)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

This past Saturday Chris and I went to Newport, Rhode Island for the day. We actually chose the wrong day to go because there was some parade there that day and there was so many people everywhere. There was supposed to be a lighthouse at Fort Adams State Park so we headed there. I don't know where the lighthouse was but we most definitely didn't find it. We had a good time regardless. We parked the car and went for a really long walk all around the fort and stuff and took a ton of pictures.

I think we may go back this Saturday to the other side of town that is right on the ocean and take a ton more pictures.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Baseboard Heater vs Dog

For some reason Belle is VERY scared of our heaters. The one that seems to give her the most problems is the one in the kitchen. She is certain to give it a dirty look every time she walks by it. Sometimes when we throw her ball down the hall into the kitchen we will accidentally knock the cover off the heater. Now that just gets her all bent out of shape and she won't go anywhere near it. So the other night when this happened we encouraged her to go get her ball. We decided to take some pictures of her in action.

The infamous heater and her ball

Belle approaching with caution

The first attempt

Belle goes in for the kill

After failed attempt Belle decides to just wait and see if the ball will move itself

Frustration sets in, Belle gives up and sits and waits for us to retrieve her ball for her


Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Chris and I went to the Laundromat tonight which usually is hopping with excitement. Tonight though I am sorry to say was not. So we had to resort to entertaining ourselves while our clothes washed and dried. And just for all of you....We took pictures. NOW NOW....All you dirty birds out there get your minds outta the gutter.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


HAPPY BIRTHDAY big brother...I love you tons, hope you have a great day!
Happy birthday also to Andrea over at I hope you also have a wonderful day with your family:)

Monday, March 06, 2006


I love IKEA! Chris and I could spend hours on end there just walking around and looking at everything. I always love the fact that even when we don't have a lot of money to spend we can make off with a bunch of stuff. We spent under 20 dollars tonight and we got 2 sets of tupperware, coasters, spatula, salad spoon and fork, paper towel holder, 6 hook coat rack, 4 dish towels, 200 bendy straws, rug and a new frying pan. And because I am so awesome I even took pictures for you:) Oh and we each had a hot dog and a coke for 2 bucks. Now thats a cheap dinner!
Happy Monday! Chris was on call this past weekend so there was no excitement to be had. Saturday night he had to go to a store down in Rhode Island so I went along with him. And to my surprise there was a Tim Horton's right down the street. We stopped in to Timmy's on the way home. I really wish there was more here in Massachusetts. And that was really it for excitement this weekend.

Last weekend was much more busy. We had a marriage seminar at our church on Fri and Saturday which was really good. A couple from Texas came to do the seminar and he was a great speaker. They made off with some Red Sox hats as a thank you. The point was made that noone comes to Boston without becoming Sox fans, funny though that Chris and I have lived here for a year and a half and have more hatred for the Sox now than we did when we got here. We are proud that we haven't given in like everyone else and that we have stayed loyal to our teams back home. Saturday night was our friend Carolynne's birthday party. Fun times. The cake was a mix of all this crazy stuff. I really wanted some but I was a good girl.

So that's that, hope everyone has a great Monday:)

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Are these not adorable?!? Being that Chris and I are both huge hockey fans I had to buy these when we saw them in the grocery store the other day. There were 2 pairs in each pack and they were only 99 cents. They are too cute. Each has a pair of Boston Bruins socks and a pair of "original 6" socks. For those of you who don't know what Original 6 means it is just referring to the original 6 NHL teams. New York Rangers, Chicago Blackhawks, Detroit Red Wings, Toronto Maple Leafs, Boston Bruins and the Montreal Canadians. Clearly since these are baby socks Chris and I won't be wearing them. And don't get any ideas in your little heads... We are NOT
pregnant nor do we plan on being so for quite some time. They were just so cute I had to buy them.

On another note....The other night Chris and I were scrolling through our TV listings to see what movies were playing on Pay-Per-View. We always know when we have come to the end of the movies because you hit the channels like Playboy etc and then on into the Sports packages. We couldn't help but notice the name of a movie that had us laughing so hard we were in tears. "Chesty McHooters" was the name. Now tell me your not laughing out loud at this very moment.