Sunday, July 27, 2008

So yeah, lightning is scary

More to come about this. But we drove through the most insane lightning storm last night. I have never seen anything like it and was terrified. We had strikes like this one in the pic going off about every 5 seconds or so. They were so close and all around us. INSANE!! We took video and this picture is from that video.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Leaving Town....

Chris and I are off to Cooperstown, NY this morning. It is Major League Baseball Hall of Fame weekend and we will be going to the Hall of Fame as well as the induction ceremonies on Sunday. Good times.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


BEST SNL skit I have seen in a long time. I laugh so hard every time I watch it.

"Don't take annuale if you plan to ever become pregnant, as it may turn your baby into a fire monster"


Monday, July 21, 2008

Belle had all her shots at Petco on Sunday. She was not impressed. But she got to "pick" this toy afterwards so I am certain that made it all better.

Friday, July 18, 2008

The New Digs

So this is the front of the house. We are on the main floor. The window on the bottom left is our living room. The window on the bottom right is just in the little porch area that has both entrances to our apartment and our landlords upstairs.
There is a pretty decent sized back yard. No grass but lots of space for our BBQ and a table and chairs to hang out outside in the summer. And plenty of space to hang laundry if we want.

The kitchen. It is a good size with room for a table and chairs. Something we didn't have room for in our current place. The little lady in the picture below is our landlord, she is so nice and has lived in this house here ENTIRE life. 82 years, WOW!

The walk in pantry. I am SO excited about this. We currently have very little kitchen space and I always feel so limited when I am grocery shopping because I have nowhere to put anything. The extra space is going to be awesome.

Our lovely PINK tile bathroom which you all just know Chris loves even if he won't admit it;)
Our living room. I didn't really get great pictures but you get the idea. The front window is brand new. This place has lots of windows. Something we also don't have here since we are in a basement suite. It will be nice having natural light and not feeling like I live in a dungeon anymore. lol And I know Belle will be in heaven with windows to sit and look out all day long.
Our bedroom. Again didn't get very good pics but you get the idea. I love the windows.Spare room/computer room. We are so happy to have an extra room for our computer and storage space. We do plan on putting a bed in there in the near future so all of you slackers back west and up in Canada have no excuses not to visit now ;)

Monday, July 14, 2008

A lot of you know Chris and I have been wanting to move into a new apartment for quite some time. We have lived in our current place for almost 4 years. The entire time we have lived in Boston. I suppose I will always have a small bit of nostalgia for this place since it is the first place Chris and I lived together after we were married. We drove 3000 miles from Seattle to Boston, leaving behind all our friends and family there and in Alberta. We had no idea we would be in Boston this long, never mind this apartment.

There are many reasons we have wanted to move. For starters there is a mouse problem in this house that just won't go away. This has been an on going problem since back in 2005. Nothing has killed them. They are some sort of mutant mice I am sure of it. Then there is the fact our landlords don't really fix anything around here, after this long you just get sick of it. Our place is also small and it seems to shrink by the day. It is technically a 1 bedroom but we use the bedroom as a closet and storage space. So we really live in a studio if you look at it that way. I am running out of places to put stuff. And last but probably the biggest reason we have wanted to move is because we live in the GHETTO. And no I am not exaggerating. We really do live in the GHETTO. Hyde Park is an older area of Boston. It is mostly black and Hispanics and I imagine a lot of lower income families. Places like that tend to have a lot of crime, gang issues etc. When we first moved here things were really not that bad. There was crime but not extremely violent or frequent. That has certainly changed over the last year. A few months ago only a few blocks away a young black male broke into an elderly ladies apartment in the middle of the night and beat and tried to rape her. He was never caught. On July 4th there were 3 shootings within 3 blocks of us in 3 different directions. 2 were fatal, one of them a drive by and one of them happened at a BBQ. Both were teenagers that were killed and both died from gunshot wounds to the head. The other shooting was outside a convenience store when 2 armed young black males shot 4 teenagers around 2:30 am. Those teenagers then fled to the house ACROSS the street from ours to call the cops. I realize most of this stuff is probably people who know each other or gang related, but I don't need to wait around to get caught in the crossfire.

We have been looking for apartments for a few months now but were not really in a rush. We wanted to be patient and find a place we would be happy with. But then on Wednesday our landlords informed us they were selling their house. So it took us by surprise but we are kinda glad cause it pushed us to really buckle down and find a place.
Saturday we went to look at a 2 bedroom (first floor of a 2 apartment house) in Revere and we knew then and there that was the place we wanted to move too. It is not the biggest apartment but it is bigger than what we have now and we have 2 bedrooms as well as our living room. The kitchen is a good size and has a walk in pantry. I am super excited about the pantry just because for the last 4 years I have had ZERO kitchen space to put anything. There is a back yard, no grass mind you (just concrete) but nice regardless and lots of space for our BBQ and a table and chairs. Our landlord is an 82 year old woman who lives upstairs. She does not seem 82, is very active and still gets around on her own. Her son and daughter help her with the upkeep of the property and they do a great job because the house is in excellent shape. We aren't crazy about the wood panelling in most of the rooms (except the kitchen) and Chris doesn't like the pink tile in the bathroom. lol. But those were small issues compared to all the positives. We get our keys on the 18th and move in on the 1st. HOORAY!!

I have been packing like crazy. Tyring to be organized so I don't pull my hair out trying to find everything once I am unpacking. Our landlord said we can start moving stuff in after the 18th so that will be nice. We can move most of our stuff before the 1st and just move the stuff we need right up until we move like the fridge, futon, computer and tv.

I will post some pictures once I have some. Until then I will try and not get lost in this sea of boxes in my living room.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Caelan Ethan Floyd

Mommy and her boys
Daddy and his boys
Big Brothers
Grandma Fletcher
Grandpa and Grandma Floyd
Grandpa Floyd and Grandpa Fletcher

Avery Richard McClees

Chillin with Mom and Dad
Meeting Grandpa for the first time
Big Brothers