Saturday, July 25, 2009


Back in May Chris asked me if I would be interested in going to a ladies golf clinic. It would be 3 2-hour sessions on Saturday mornings. Of course I was interested so he signed me up.

The funny thing is that before I met Chris I would have never even considered taking up golfing. I think what I learned with golf it is either something you love or you hate. There is no middle ground. Fortunately for Chris I quickly grew to love golf and wanted to learn more about it. A few years ago Chris got me clubs for Christmas. We have spent a lot of time at the driving range and have been golfing a few times. I really do enjoy it and jumped at the chance to learn from professional golfers in a setting with other ladies at my level.

The first session was spent hitting balls off the tee and working on our swing and all the fundamentals. It is amazing how many little things need to be right for you to hit a good and accurate golf shot. I tend to hit the ball well off the tee and both instructors were very impressed with my swing. That of course made me feel good and gave me a little more confidence. A few tips here and there and I was hitting the ball better than I ever had. Now if only I could manage to remember all those things every time I go golfing I would be awesome. Ha!

The second and third sessions were spent working on our short game. Chipping and putting. If there is one thing I learned from these lessons it is that I need desperate help in my short game. Chipping more so than putting. If I could just get my chipping sorted and get a little better at putting I will def start putting up better scores when I go golfing. Good thing golf is a life long game and something you are constantly working at and improving at. Even the best have coaches and are always working on their game.

A few weeks ago Chris and I went golfing at an executive course. It was a spur of the moment decision so we weren't really dressed for it and it had been raining earlier that day so we decided to only golf the back 9. I drove the ball pretty well but as always my short game was my undoing. Should be interesting to see how I do in Myrtle Beach next month. We had fun and we even ran into some wildlife....Below is a video Chris took on one of the holes. Don't mind my really awesome golf outfit with my jeans rolled up cause they were so wet from the rain. I am looking awesome and sweaty!! I also thought Chris was taking a pic at the end which is why I looked like I was posing for a picture and never actually said anything.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Ok so I just had written a big long post all about my Ladies Golf Clinic with pictures AND video and it seems blogger ate it. SO now you will have to wait till tomorrow cause there is no way I am re writing that whole thing tonight. So I guess it just means you will have to come back again tomorrow. ;)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Back In The Saddle

OK so I did not mean to go on a blogging hiatus but it seems like that is exactly what I did. The good news is that I THINK I am back. I have many many stories to tell from the past 2 months. From golfing to doctors appointments to baseball games I am certain to keep you all entertained for at least a few weeks. That is if any of you actually still check in here from time to time. Of course at this very moment I need to head to work so you will just have to have enough faith in me to come back later and trust there will be a new post awaiting you. ;)