Monday, May 26, 2014

So You're Having a Baby

So...the cat has been out of the bag for a while. We are having a baby, it is true. We are pretty sure it's human even, and we are very excited about her impending arrival around the 27th of August. We managed to keep our secret (except for some immediate family and close friends) until I was 20 weeks so we could announce both the pregnancy and the sex. Two birds with one stone so to speak.

Recently I have been asked questions such as  - "why did you wait so long to announce?" "where are your belly shots?" "where are your updates about your doctor's appointments?"

First and foremost, I think it is important for people who don't know me--as well as some that do--that I am a fairly private person. I have always been that way, and the truth is I'm okay with it. As for not announcing until 20 weeks, (we didn't even tell our families till 12 weeks had passed) it was not because we weren't excited because believe me, we were and are. We always knew we would never announce a pregnancy in the first trimester, and once that period had passed we liked that it was still mostly just our secret and ours to be happy about. When we were ready we would share the news. Chris decided he wanted to make something to announce both the pregnancy and the sex at the same time, so we decided to wait until then. Below is the video of the announcement we posted on Facebook.
Belly shots. This again comes down mostly to privacy. I am not one to have any desire to take a picture of my belly, pregnant or not and share it with the world. This is not likely to change, and I apologize if this inconveniences anyone. :) I am sure at some point later on in this pregnancy a photo or two will make its way on to the world wide web. Until then, patience my friends. I should also add that even though I will be 27 weeks on Wednesday, I am not really showing anything yet. Baby is growing on track and all is going well, but the obvious baby bump has not really arrived yet. I'm thicker for sure (HA) but for now that's it. My maternity pants seem to nicely round out what was already there before I was pregnant and make me look like I have a big ol' baby bump when I really don't. ;)

Don't get me wrong, if you ask me stuff directly I will share--well--except belly photos. LOL. I am just unlikely to put every little update and piece of info on Facebook etc.

Those things aside all has been going well. We had a little bit of a scare at 7 weeks which resulted in an early ultrasound. Everything was fine, babies heart was beating and we got to see the first glimpse of our little McNugget. Of course then she was nothing but a little wee blob, but what a relief to see that blob and see the heart beating. This was our girls first photo. 
We decided to do genetic testing which happens around 12 weeks. This of course allowed us to see our little one again. My appointment was early on a Tuesday morning. The testing is a combination of blood work and ultrasound. Baby was happy as can be in there--TOO HAPPY. She was jumping and rolling and waving and doing what appeared to be headstands. Which was all great, EXCEPT for the fact she had to be in a certain position for the photos they needed. She had NO desire to cooperate. After a half hour of more of trying to get what they needed, we decided we would come back in two days and try again. So Thursday morning came, and back we went. Yet again she was busy performing her acrobatics and would not cooperate. The decision was made after the doctor was happy with what he saw and compared with the blood work, which would be good enough. We agreed and were on our way. Sure we didn't get what we needed, but we got two bonus looks at our happy little one. This was her at 12 weeks. 
The next view of our little one came at 20 weeks for the anatomy scan. This was my longest ultrasound as they take time to look over every single organ of the baby to make sure everything is the right size, in the right place and nothing out of the ordinary. It was also the day we found out we were having a girl. As usual she seems to be as stubborn as her mother and she did not fully cooperate during that ultrasound. She was not in a great position and they were not able to get very good pictures of her heart. So they did another scan a few weeks later at my next appointment. Luckily, she decided she would be cooperative that day and they got what they needed. Everything from that and the full anatomy scan looked good. Here is her photo from 20 weeks. 
I can honestly say that being our first child, I really didn't have a preference one way or another on the sex. I just wanted a healthy baby. I think Chris would be lying if he said there wasn't a split second in that moment when the technician said "it's a girl" that he felt a little bit of disappointment. But that split second passed very quickly and he seems to melt at the sight of all the cute little baby girl clothes we see and have been buying. Something tells me this little one already has her daddy wrapped around her finger. I haven't decided if this is bad for me yet or not. Ha! 

As for me things have been going well. I had my glucose screening 2 weeks ago and failed the 1 hour test and had to go back to do the 3 hour test which I passed with flying colors. Yay! My weight gain has been very minimal, woohoo. I will be 27 weeks on Wednesday. Insane how quickly time is flying. Ready or not she will be here before we know it and we couldn't be more excited. 

So there you have it. A blog post about baby. Hopefully this will tide some of you over until the next update! :)