Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I cannot believe September is practically here, but am I ever glad. As much as enjoy many aspects of summer I love fall and winter. My first realization that fall was on its way was last night when Chris and I were at Starbucks and I saw that Pumpkin Spice lattes are back for the season. I love fall. I love the feeling in the air at night or early in the morning. The one where you know winter is not far off. I love watching as all the leaves change color. And really there is no better place for that than here, it is amazing.

Chris and I are going to Seattle next week. We leave on the 7th and don't come back till the evening of the 18th. Our friends Jen and Ryan are getting married on the 9th and we are so excited to be there for it. We are also excited to be able to spend a lot of time with family and friends.

What I am not excited about however is the part where I have to get on a plane. Those of you who know me well know that the very thought of stepping foot on a plane terrifies me. I usually am fine once the plane is in the air, it is really the whole process leading up to it. Should be interesting, we shall see. And if your feeling nice, say a little prayer for me on Sept 7th, or maybe for Chris that I don't drive him totally nuts. LOL

Monday, August 28, 2006

Little something I read today.....are you kidding me!?!?!?
I made up a new word the other day......


obviously I mixed up the words veterinarian and vegetarian. It was funny, we laughed.

We got a new hanging mirror for the back of our bathroom door. Belle discovered it today and has been barking at it on and off ever since. Why can't dogs figure out its themselves when they look in a mirror!?! Oh well, it's entertaining.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

What is wrong with people.....

Chris and I were at the grocery store today picking up a few things. The store was pretty busy when we were there so it was a maze of pushing around peoples carts and the aisles. There was a cart kind of close to one of the end of the aisles, I figured I had enough room to fit through. I slowly started to maneuver my way around when I gently bumped the other cart. Just as I was about to say sorry this man turns around and looks at me and says...."The word is excuse me....WENCH!!!" Normally I would have said something in return but I was so shocked I couldn't say anything. I looked back at the guy and called out to Chris who was walking a little ahead of me (and didn't hear the man) and said "did you hear that?" I was so mad, I couldn't believe how rude and unnecessary it was. As we were checking out in the self checkout lane we saw him walking our way to go out the main doors. Chris stared the guy down and the guy stared at Chris but didn't say anything. As he walked by us Chris was like "yeah you keep walking!" My hubby, what a tough guy;)

Anyways just another example of how rude people are here. They don't care. I know rude people are everywhere but in Boston there is just more than the average place.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Who says dogs don't watch tv......

Earlier today Chris and I were watching TV when Belle jumped up on the futon beside us. She must have stepped on the TV controller when she jumped up and conveniently changed the channel. When we realized what she had changed the channel to we laughed. Clifford:The Big Red Dog. I guess it makes sense, I just didn't know she was a fan. Ha!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

In our backyard we have some plants and stuff planted running along the fence next to our sidewalk. A few weeks ago as Chris and I were heading out with Belle she was sniffing around in there. I didn't think much of it, she is a dog after all its what they do. Anyways finally I pulled back at her leash to see what she was getting into when I saw something furry in her mouth. My first thought was mouse, but then I realized it was too big to be a mouse. So then I was like OMG its a rat but even then I realized it was too big for that. As I yelled at her to drop it I saw the bushy tail and realized it was actually a squirrel. A very wounded squirrel at that. My only guess is that it had injured itself or been attacked by something earlier and had crawled amidst the plants to be hidden and to rest. Belle must have been so proud of herself for "catching" a squirrel. We just won't tell her it could barely walk nevermind outrun her.

Anyways we got Belle back inside so we could deal with the little creature. It was so sad, limping all slow and clearly terrified. It crawled under Chris's van and tried to climb up one of the tires. We didn't want to run him over so once we managed to chase him out from underneath I backed up. Then we had the dilemma that we didn't want to leave him right there because we didn't want it to get in the way of another car or something a little further down the driveway. So the next dilemma was how the heck were we going to get this squirrel moved all the way under the bridge where it couldn't get hit by anything. At first Chris tired to grab the little guy by the tail. Mister squirrel did not like that as he snaked around and sunk his teeth right into the gloves Chris was wearing. Luckily it didn't get his actual finger. Finally after some thought Chris grabbed a stick and got the squirrel to grab onto it with his teeth and his front feet. We made it all the way to end of the driveway and almost under the bridge. Chris kept dropping the poor injured thing and I think it finally got pissed off enough that it refused to grab back on. I don't really blame him. After a while Chris finally grabbed him again by his tail and walked him under the bridge where we are assuming he recuperated and or got eaten by something.

We tried to help him, but it's a squirrel what more can you do.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Planes Beaches n Stuff

So as we all can tell I SUCK at blogging, at least the last few months. I used to be SO good about keeping it updated and stuff. Perhaps its the summer, or perhaps I am just a big slacker.

Last weekend Chris and I had to go to the airport to get out plane tickets to Jamaica changed to a later date. We tried over the phone but none of them seemed to know what they are talking about. When we got there the US Airways people were not busy at the time so that was a relief as they had time to really help us out. We were having issues changing to the dates we wanted because the tickets were originally voucher tickets so only so many seats are open for those on certain flights. Finally when they didn't find anything until June of NEXT year we were like bummer. And the guy was like "when is they ideal dates you want to fly?" So I told him October 27 returning Nov 3rd. He upgraded our tickets on the spot FREE OF CHARGE. Now changing our tickets alone should have been 100 bucks per ticket never mind what the cost could have been for changing them to regular tickets. He did it for free, PRAISE THE LORD! Afterwards we went to the Runway Cafe to watch the planes take off and land. I know it sounds childish but I love to sit and watch them. Terrified to get on one but love to watch them. Go figure!

After we left the airport Chris and I took Belle for a walk to this new park with trails and stuff right on the water. It was so pretty. The park is right in line with the path the planes take to land at the airport so it was fun to be able to watch all the planes fly over us. Although Belle was much more interested in chasing bugs and searching through the grass. After we left the park we went to a small beach nearby and let Belle swim around in the water some. She loves the water and just wanted to swim. She is so funny looking when she swims, looks like such a beginner. SO CUTE!!

As usual I tried to post some pics through blogger and it wouldn't let me so I will just post them below. Enjoy!