Thursday, March 24, 2005

Happy Almost Easter!

I promised that I would try and blog at least once week, so here ya go.....

Last weekend Chris and I drove out to Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania to meet up with his mom and her friend Sue. Linda was in Ohio visiting Sue and we thought it would be fun to meet them somewhere. We picked Wilkes-Barre cause it seemed to be close to being in the middle of Youngstown, Ohio and Boston. Which it pretty much turned out to be...a five hour drive for them and 4 1/2 for us. We spent the night there and spent most of Friday and then Saturday morning with them. We had a wonderful visit, it was nice to just spend some time relaxing together. On the way home Chris and I made a stop in Manchester, Connecticut to have some supper at Red Robin. YUM! We love Red Robin and they don't have them here in MA.

I was supposed to go to the dentist today to have one of my bad molars pulled, but the oral surgeon didn't make it into work today. Part of me was relieved cause I am so scared to go anyways, but then the other part was frustrated cause I just want it over with. Anyway, they rescheduled my appointment for April 4th. So now I have a whole week to get myself all worked up about it. I really am just a big ol' chicken.

Anyways things are still good out here for us, we love it here. The new church is wonderful, Chris is actually getting busy getting everything in order for the mens softball team he has gotten together at church. They will be playing in on of the city leagues. He is pretty excited about that.

That is all, nothing else exciting going on around here. Hope everyone is having a wonderful week. And hey, please feel free to post's always nice to hear from people.

Happy Easter!!!

Monday, March 14, 2005

The Dentist

I know I know......FINALLY!!! That is what you are all saying, I can almost hear you.... I really need to try and post at least once a week until we once again have a running computer.

I feel the need to tell you all that I am a HUGE wuss and terrified of the dentist. I am sure I am not the only one, it is a common fear in many people. Anyways I had to go to the dentist make a long story short I cracked some teeth like 3 years ago and never got them dealt with, so now I need to have my back molar on the left and the right pulled. As well as a root canal on another. LOVELY!!!! I suppose it isn't so bad, I go back tomorrow for my cleaning and then the 24th for the first tooth and then a week later for the second tooth. Then probably back in for the root canal shortly thereafter. The good news is the dentist said after all is said and done I should be good to go. Which makes me happy, cause well no offense to him but I HATE the dentist. lol.

Anywho, things are good. Chris and I are still going to Hope Fellowship and still loving it. We have gotten to know a lot of people and are making new friends. It took a while to find this church, but I am certain it was worth it and I am certain we will be regulars there for quite some time.

I guess that is all for now, hope everyone is doing well. Oh and Happy Birthday Bryan if you ever read this! lol.

That is all..........