Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Running for Grandpa

On Fathers Day my brother and my two nephews did a 5k in Edmonton for Prostate Cancer with my dad. For those of you who don't know, my dad has early stage prostate cancer and is very treatable. Add that to the fact he loves to run it made sense for him to participate. My brother and the boys decided to join him. Well they didn't exactly all run together, my dad was off on his own and Austin and Braeden were at a slower pace with my brother. Although Austin did really well and ran most of it much to every ones surprise. Dave hung back with Braeden and even had to carry him on his shoulders for some of it. For a 5 year old he did a great job. Craig MacTavish, former NHL player and current head coach of the Edmonton Oilers was the chairman of the run. Austin of course recognized him right away and him and Braeden got their picture taken with MacT. I have to admit, I'm a little jealous:)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dear really really annoying girl at Panera Bread,

When we went for lunch yesterday at Panera Bread we went there with the intentions of enjoying a couple of super yummy chicken ceasar salads in peace. Instead we enjoyed our yummy chicken ceasar salads to a loud piercing and very annoying sound. That sound was YOUR voice. What was more bothersome than anything else as you stood at the booth next to us going on and on about the boy you liked and how you want to own a house, car, be married and have a great job before you have kids was that you were an employee. How about the fact you were rambling about how when you take customers orders you like to play dumb and talk like a valley girl. Funny thing is I am pretty sure this is NOT an act. Maybe you were on your break, maybe not. But my guess is that if you were on your break perhaps you should have taken your apron and hat off so that when you went on and on at the top of your lungs about everything and anything in your life you wouldn't have made Panera Bread look bad. Perhaps you could have clued in that not everyone wants to know what gorgeous eyes this boy you are crushing on has. Maybe you could have lowered that annoying high pitched voice of yours. What I hope is that at some point during the rest of your shift that you were reprimanded for your rudeness and stupidity. I get that your probably only 18 or so but still, get a clue.


Really, really, annoyed in Boston!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Our favorite baseball team the Seattle Mariners were in Boston this past weekend for a 3 game series against the Boston Red Sox. We bought tickets on eBay and went to the game on Sunday. We decided to show up early to watch batting practice. We stood along the left field line and watched and waited to try and get a ball. Finally after almost an hour JJ Putz (Mariners closer) came over and handed us a ball. What a great souvenir. An actual MLB baseball with grass stain and all. Fun times. The heat! Oh, the heat. It was 98 degrees Sunday afternoon but with the humidity the temperature felt well in the 100's. It was gross. Not quite as hot as one of the games we went to down in Baltimore last year, but hot regardless.

The Mariners of course lost the game 2-1. It was a little disappointing that they couldn't pull it out but at the same time it isn't surprising. They are the worst team in baseball this season, nothing is going right for them. But we had fun going out and supporting them anyways. We had great seats and sat by nice people and not obnoxious fans which is always a bonus.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

This is Belle and Canela playing when Canela was over for the weekend. Fun times! Sorry the lighting is not all that great.


A while back Chris and I were driving when we came up to a street where we needed to turn right. There was a guy on a skateboard coming down the street so Chris stopped to let him go by us before we turned the corner. Well the guy (and it was a guy probably late 20's, not a teen) hit a rock or something and he biffed it. It was pretty funny and I made sure not to laugh until we had driven away. I figured he would just gather up his board and be on his way. He did but not before he did he stopped to stare right in our front windshield and flip us off. Then I laughed. I was like how exactly is it our fault you fell off your stupid skateboard? Chris made the point that he was probably just embarrassed and that is why he did that. Either way it was funny.