Wednesday, March 26, 2008

On Broadway

On Saturday night Chris and I decided to go to a movie. There was not a lot we wanted to see in theatres except for Juno and No Country for Old Men. But both were playing at the downtown theatre and neither one of us could be bothered going into the city on a Saturday night.

There is a small community theatre in Dedham not too far from where we live. They usually play a lot of indie type films. Which I enjoy, sometimes when you allow yourself to get away from the big mainstream Hollywood film you find something special that you otherwise may have never had a chance to see. There happened to be a movie called On Broadway playing. We were intrigued by this movie when we read about it and learned it is a movie by a local writer/director. Most of the cast were Boston actors and the movie itself was filmed here in Boston.

The movie was about a guy from Boston (played by Joey McIntyre) who wrote a play about his uncle's death as a way to bring his family together and reconnect with his dad. Not being able to afford a proper venue he ended up putting on the play in the back of a local pub.

We both really really enjoyed everything about this movie. There is something amazing and pure about a movie made away from the lights of Hollywood. Something about it that allows you to have your eyes open to the true vision and passion of the filmmaker. The casting could not have been better and the writing was outstanding.

It actually turned out that the writer/directer of the movie Dave McLaughlin and actor Lance Greene were at theatre after the showing for a question and answer time. It was cool to have kinda just stumbled on that and been able to listen to the director talk about why and how they made the film. Turns out it only cost them 975 000 to make the movie and the filmed it over 20 days in and around Boston. These two things make the movie that much greater to me. Such a low budget and such little time to actually film is just amazing to me.

I really encourage any of you in the Boston area to check this movie out. They said it was playing at 5 or 6 different theatres in and around Boston.

Click on the link below to check out the trailer...

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Babies Galore

Congrats to our good friends Shawn and Celeste back in Seattle on the arrival of Caleb Owen Rothlisberger on Wednesday March 19th.

Congrats to our friends Amy and Troy from here on the arrival of Audrey Rose Douglas on Thursday March 20th. You can see pics HERE.
Ok so clearly I am still very much a big slacker. It really wasn't always like this. Crazy! This post is just for you Georgette so you don't complain about having to see Chris's sexy swollen lip anymore.

I thought Chris would have blogged about his weekend in Seattle last weekend but he has not not gotten around to it. So I will give you the quick synopsis.

His best friend Shawn turns 30 this coming week. But with a baby on the way his wife Celeste decided to have a surprise birthday party for him a week early. She also flew Chris out there as Shawn's big surprise. Chris flew out to Seattle Friday (the 14th). He spent the afternoon with his mom before heading out to Bellevue Friday evening. Celeste sent Chris a text to let him know they were all there at the billiard place and that they had already done the big surprise. So Chris called Shawn from outside just to chat. Shawn told him he was at a surprise birthday party Celeste had planned. Chris was like oh ok well I will let you go and talk to you later this weekend. Then he hung up, went inside. Luckily Shawn had his back to Chris and Chris walked up behind him and said "Or maybe I will talk to you right now." Shawn was very shocked. Fun times. Chris spent the night and all day Saturday at their house. Then Saturday night he went to meet his family at a restaurant for a birthday dinner for his brother Bryan. Bryan also did not know that Chris was in town. So he was also very shocked when Chris walked in. Chris spent that night at his parents. Sunday afternoon he went golfing with his friends Shawn, Brad and Travis. He had a great time. Chris only goes golfing once in a while out here so he was happy to be able to go golfing with friends. He flew home on the a red eye Sunday night. It was a quick trip but he had a great time.

I enjoyed the quiet weekend. Friday night I went out with a girlfriend and a few of her friends. We went to an Irish Pub downtown Boston and had a great time. Saturday and Sunday I just enjoyed being able to catch up on my tv shows Chris doesn't like, watched some movies Chris didn't care to watch. Drank some wine and watched some hockey with my doggie. I LOVED it.

That being said I was happy when Chris got home. As much as I enjoy my "me" time I did miss him.

I don't have any pics of Shawns suprise party cause Chris didn't take any pics. But I do have a couple from when he showed up for Bryan's birthday.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

No I didn't punch him ;)

Sexy isn't he? LOL! That would be my husband and that would be his GIANT lip after having an allergic reaction at Chili's. We went to Chili's last week, Chris had a burger that came with onion strings. Turned out the onion strings had been cooked in the same deep fryer as fish products. For those of you who know Chris know that he has serious nut and fish allergies. Thankfully this time around it was nothing more than a swollen lip.

His burger was taken off our bill. Once we got home though and I thought more about it I was a little concerned at the "they must have been cooked in the same fryer as fish" statement. The outcome could have been much worse. If not for Chris, then maybe for someone else. I decided to send an email through Chili's website expressing my concern.

Today someone from Chili's regional office here in MA called me. We had a great conversation and he thanked me over and over for sending the email and bringing to his attention what had happened. Clearly it should not have happened. He also said he would be sending us some gift certificates in the mail tomorrow. Can't complain about that. Chris is still alive and kicking AND we get free food:)


Sunday, March 09, 2008

Best Star Wars Review EVER!!

So I have been having issues with posting anything from YouTube the last few days. Anyone else? Not a big deal really, you will just have to click on the link and go there yourself.

I came across this video the other day and got such a kick out of this little girl. Kids are too funny. Personally I think she should be writing reviews or something for a paper. Click HERE for the link.
"Don't talk back to Darth Vader, he'll get ya"

Friday, March 07, 2008


On March 7, 1973 David Campbell Floyd Jr was brought into this world. 5 years later on January 3, 1978, Yvonne Angela Floyd was brought into this world and his life was never the same simply because he had the best little sister in the entire world. For 30 years he has picked on me, and called me names like Stinky and wee brat. But he has also been my friend and someone who has always supported me and been there for me throughout my life. And so on this day I thank you for being such a great big brother. Even though sometimes I want to wring your neck, I love you and I am blessed to have you as my brother. I hope you have a great day!!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Chuck E. Cheese

I love going to Chuck E. Cheese as much as the next person. Well as much as every 10 year old anyways. No really, I love it. Why wouldn't you? Arcade games, pizza, a giant mouse. And let's not forget the cool little prizes you get to buy with the tickets you win playing games. It's a good time, I promise. What isn't a good time is this...;_ylt=AumqCyXX9tPrhCvmBoqO8YUuQE4F

Are you serious ladies? You have got to be kidding me. And to blame it on the fact the kid was hogging the game and your kid couldn't play. At least I would be woman enough to admit I was upset because I wanted to play the game ;) For real though, way to teach your kids how to act towards others if your not getting what you want. The thing that I found ironic about the whole thing was that this took place here in Massachusetts. You all know how I feel about east coasters and more importantly people from the Boston area. It's just how they roll out here.

**It seems spell check is back up and working. Although I have my doubts because it keeps telling me no misspellings have been found. Either I am getting smarter or spell check still isn't working right**

Saturday, March 01, 2008

b, d or decide

Chris was laying on the couch with Belle. She was laying on her side and her ear was flopped back and something caught his eye. Upon closer inspection he realized there was a small white letter stuck to her ear. It was either a little d, b or a p. Either way it was super funny. I have no idea where the heck she managed to find such a thing and end up with it stuck on the inside of her ear. Too funny!