Sunday, February 24, 2008

One of things I love about watching Ellen is that she is always making me laugh. Lately she has been showing all sorts of funny infomercials on the show. I realize that there are those of you who don't watch Ellen and are not aware of some of these amazing products that she is introducing into our lives. So, I thought I would bring those commercials to you here so that you don't miss out. Please take a minute to enjoy the videos below :)

Hawaii Chair

Tiddy Bear's for Everyone

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Get a Grip People

Why is the world we live in so freaking sensitive? Why is everything somehow misconstrued to mean everything and anything? Why is everything taken so literally that people turn NOTHING into something every time?

Starbucks introduced the "skinny" latte early in the New Year. What does this mean really? Well, for me it means that instead of ordering a Venti-Non-fat-No Whip-Sugar free-Cinnamon Dolce Latte, I can order a Venti Skinny Cinnamon Dolce. All it means to me is that I have to say fewer words. Why in God's name would that be offensive?

So all you out there who chose to make issues out of everything in life and think the world is out to get you go right ahead. As for me I thank Starbucks for helping me in my daily life by making me have to say fewer words when I order my drink. Starbucks, I salute you!!

Public Service Announcement

There is a Canadian stuck in the United States who is having terrible cravings for such candy as Smarties and Wunderbars. It is a sad time for this girl who cries herself to sleep at night because she cannot be with the candy she loves. I am not sure she will be okay without at least a little taste of her favorite candies. If you are from Canada and interested in donating some of these tasty treats to this sad girl and in the process helping make the world a better place, let me know and I will be sure you get her address;)
***I feel it important to note that Smarties ARE NOT M&M's. They are SMARTIES. Smarties to you silly americans are these...In Canada we call those Rockets and they are only sold at Halloween. Real Smarties may resemble M&M's but they are nothing like them. Smarties are bigger, have a harder and sweeter shell and the chocolate is WAY better.***

1980s Smarties Candies Commercial (Canada)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wet, Sloppy, Disgusting Mess

Outside that is. It is GROSS out there. So gross in fact it makes me want to stay inside until it passes. The snow, the rain and the puddles. You know how it is when it snows and then the next day it rains like mad and turns all the snow into a big wet and slushy mess.

As a dog walker I don't really have much choice but to be out in this weather, it's my job. You do what you have to do. The rain doesn't bother me so much, that's what an umbrella is for. But what I hate is when I maneuver around puddles and think I am safe to step in what seems like only snow on the sidewalk but actually turns out to be a big, wet slushy puddle that covers your entire shoes. YAY!Add to that the fact I only had my running shoes on and they were sopping wet, and my feet were frozen. I was not a happy camper this afternoon. But now I am home and my shoes are in the dryer and my feet are once again warm.

And now I am going to retreat back to my couch and the warmth of a fuzzy fleece blanket.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sticks are bad for doggies

Last week Chris and I had a little scare with Belle. One night we went for our evening walk and near the end she was running and playing with a stick as she always does. But this time she must have swallowed a small piece and either it was lodged somewhere or it just irritated her throat on the way down. She started hacking and gagging which at first wasn't that alarming. She has done that plenty of times but always cleared whatever was there out after a couple of times. Once we got in the house she immediately went and lay down in her bed. That was unusual just for the simple reason that after her walks she is always hyper and wants to play. She didn't drink water at all the rest of the night and in the morning was still hacking and gagging. When I noticed she hadn't eaten her breakfast that was when I got worried. Belle usually eats EVERY morning around 6 am before we get up. Chris wanted to just wait it out and made the point that she was not having trouble breathing or anything. We waited a few more hours and decided that we should at least take her in for a check up.

Of course the minute we got to the vet she was perky and happy and not hacking or gagging anymore. Go figure. He checked her out, listened to her lungs, made her swallow water and checked she was swallowing right. All was good. He decided all the hacking and gagging was probably due to irritation.

Needless to say, Belle doesn't get to play with sticks on her walks anymore. We bring a ball along now for her to run and chase.

Monday, February 04, 2008

An Open Letter to Dog Owners

To Whom It May Concern,

When I walk down the street and see a steaming pile of doggie doo doo it does not make me smile. When I am occupied doing other things and don't look on the ground with every step I take and I step in a pile of doggie doo doo it does not make me smile. I realize that picking up dog poop is not the greatest past time in the world. I do not enjoy it, but I DO IT. I pick up my own dogs poop and I pick up the poop of all the other dogs I walk. I do it because it is the RIGHT thing to do. Please tell me how anyone in good conscience can let their dog crap and not pick it up. Whether it be the sidewalk, someone’s yard or the middle of the road, PICK IT UP. It is NOT rocket science, I promise. You take a bag, scoop it up and voila--no doggie doo doo for all the good folks of the world to step in. And maybe, just maybe you will feel better about yourself for not being such a moron. Perhaps I could offer you a few ideas about how to remedy the problem if you really don't want to pick up the poop yourself.

For starters you could try this...

It is just creepy and weird, but it's an option. Please take a minute to watch the demo video.

There is also this option. Now I am sure it would take a lot of your time and some serious commitment to train your dog to use the toilet in this fashion, but I am sure it is possible.
Last but not least you could give this a shot. How hard could it be? People can train their dogs to do all sorts of things, so why not pick up their own poop?

Seriously though, I wish you all would just suck it up and pick up the darn poop yourself. You don't have to like it but you certainly should have to do it. Next time you don't I pray there is a cop sitting nearby waiting to slap you with a hefty fine. And if that is not possible I wish a giant pile of doggie doo doo in your future, I wish you to step in it and slip in it. I wish for you to trail it into your car and your home. Maybe then you will realize how the rest of us who actually pick up our dogs poop feel.

Thank you so much!!

--A Concerned Citizen

Sunday, February 03, 2008


NEW YORK GIANTS!!!! You have MADE our year!! Congratulations on winning Super Bowl XLII!!!
And yes I took those pics of my TV with our camera, I just had to. I almost couldn't believe it. BIGGEST upset in the history of the NFL! I love it!!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Chris and I watched this the other day and about peed our pants. Your welcome!!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Hanging out in all the wrong places

I know people who have run into all sorts of people in their lifetime. Actors, singers, musicians etc. My run ins with such people have been few and far between. Although we did see Cindy Crawford at Disneyland a couple of years ago.

As most of you know Chris works for Starbucks. Most of the stores that he services are located downtown. About a year or so ago he went to a store and was told by the people working there that Jennifer Garner had been in just a little while before he arrived. Then a month or so ago he was sitting at a red light. A blonde woman was crossing the street, as she was passing right in front of his car all he could think was that she looked really really familiar. About 15 minutes or so later he finally found a parking spot and went into the Starbucks where he had a service call. Turns out the blonde that looked so familiar to him as she walked right in front of his car had just been in that very Starbucks getting a coffee. Turns out that blonde was Cameron Diaz. He missed getting to meet her by like 5 minutes. Then the other day he was working on a machine when he saw 4 Nashville Predators players come in. They were in town to play the Bruins that night. Jason Arnott, Radek Bonk, Greg DeVries and Alexander Radulov just happened to chose that Starbucks to get their caffience fix. As a big hockey fan it was neat for Chris to see them.

Moral of the story....I clearly need to hang out at Starbucks more cause all I ever see when I am at work is dog poop, the mailman and random crazy people.

**anyone else having problems with the spell check? Mine doesn't seem to be working, which is NOT a good thing for me.**