Friday, November 30, 2012

MRI Machines Are NOT My Friend

Most people who know me are aware of the fact I am very scared of heights as well as being a little claustrophobic. OK maybe a lot claustrophobic. Being in small contained spaces is not my idea of fun. This makes flying one of my least favorite pastimes given the fact I'm very high up and contained in a metal tube. Elevators are also not on my list of favorite things. Those fears aren't completely irrational, I mean planes DO crash and elevators DO get stuck from time to time. At least there is some logic to those fears. What isn't logical is my fear of MRI machines.

MRI machines are located on the ground. They aren't moving and there are technicians at the ready if I need anything. This morning was the 4th MRI I have had, 3 of which have come in the last 10 months. Chris is allowed to come in the room with me and hold my hand if I so desire. You would think I would be a pro by now. You would think I didn't need to take a Valium to calm my nerves. You would think I could make it through the 30 or so minutes without Chris needing to stand right there to reassure me. You would think that by now I would not be convinced that darn machine was just going to swallow me up. Well you would be wrong.

I wonder things like "what if the power goes out" "what if there's an earthquake" "what if I can't breathe." The list goes on. Fortunately this is where the Valium comes in handy. It helps me not really give a crap about those things.

Today's MRI was no different than the others. I didn't get swallowed up by the machine. The power didn't go out, there wasn't an earthquake. PHEW! I did however get REALLY hot. They always cover you in blankets cause they keep the rooms pretty cold. There is also a fan inside the machine but with the blankets it limits airflow. Today there was ZERO airflow and I got hotter and hotter. This did almost put me into panic mode. Luckily I was able to have the technician pull me out for a quick second to remove the blankets. Relief. Cooled right down and enjoyed the fan blowing on me the rest of the time.

Hopefully nothing has changed since my last MRI and I'm good to go for another year.

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Canucks, Breweries and Sequined Jersey Dresses

So I just wrote a post about our afternoon and evening with some good friends from Canada and I lost it when the app closed on me. So now you just get a shortened summary.

Enjoyed a great dinner and visit in Laconner, WA at the Laconner Brewing Company. After dinner we hit up the outlets so Chris could get new shoes from Adidas. He got two pairs. But more importantly Carly found the most beautiful dress I have ever seen. I really should have bought it. So SO PRETTY. Don't ya think?

Good times, good friends.

The end!!

Friday, November 02, 2012

Happy Birthday

Today was Chris's birthday. I am so very happy and blessed to have such a great man to spend my life with. Here's to 35 more years. I love you.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

The Princess And Her Doctor

Every year Chris and I say "next year for halloween we are going to go to a fun party and have great costumes." Every year we accomplish neither.

What usually ends up happening is throwing together something at the last minute so we can at least be in costume for when the kids come begging for candy. Last year Chris dressed up as Eric Wedge the manager of the Seattle Mariners. I was Brobee from Yo Gabba Gabba. This year Chris was a doctor. Dr. S. Presseaux. He fixes espresso machines for Starbucks. Get it? I was Princess Peach from Mario. Yes you read that right. I was a princess.

We actually had way more kids than I thought we would this year. About 63 to be exact. The little ones are always my favorite. I think the best of the night was a little girl about 5 with her brother about 7 and as Chris opens the door she says "Rick or Reet." Her brother immediately looks at her and starts laughing, then she starts laughing. It was so cute and so funny.

After all the "rick or reeters" were done, Princess Peach and her handsome doctor went out for a late dinner to Applebees and yes we wore our costumes. Haha.

Oh and I guess I'm taking part in this years NaBloPoMo which requires me to post every day for the month of November. I'm up to the challenge so stay tuned for 30 days of endless entertainment.