Sunday, May 25, 2008

Gone to the Dogs

Belle has another doggie friend over this weekend. Canela is one of the dogs I walk and her owners are away in Seattle until Tuesday so she is staying with us. They are having lots of fun playing. Only one problem though, they won't stop kissing!! We have decided to call them Hahn and Torres.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Let's Go To The Movies

I love movies. All kinds of movies in fact. I have never been the type to like only one genre. If it is good film making and a good acting performance then there is a good chance I will enjoy it regardless of the story. When I watch a movie I want the film making and the acting to make me feel like it is real. I want to feel like I am the one living the story that is being told on the screen.

If I had the opportunity I could watch a movie every night. Curled up on the couch and escaping to someone else's life for a while. Sadly Chris does not share this daily desire to watch movies so I settle for weekend movie watching. One thing I am thankful for is that Chris also shares the view that a movie can be good regardless of the storyline if it is made well and the acting is good. I don't have to argue with him over what to go see or rent. Usually we can always find something we will both enjoy.

The last handful of movies I have watched I have totally loved. That is a pretty good streak if you ask me. Usually I will run into 1 every 2 or 3 that just doesn't capture me. Since I have been lacking in things to blog about lately I thought I would take this opportunity to ramble a bit and tell you about the movies we have been watching.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe--I realize we are a little behind the times on this one. There is really no good reason that it took us so long getting around to watch, we just never did. We finally watched it last weekend and it was outstanding. This was just the kind of movie that made me feel like I was in a totally different place and time. It made me feel like a kid again and remember the imagination I used to have. The actors in this movie were so good. For kids they managed to captivate the audience and make their story believable. Chris and I can't wait to go see Prince Caspian in theatres when we get the chance.

Juno--LOVED this movie. It was funny in all the right ways. It moved you in its own way. Ellen Page was excellent. My favorite line in the whole movie was when she told her dad she was pregnant and he said "next time I see that boy I am going to punch him in the wiener!" Too funny. Juno goes through the motions as she adjusts to life as a pregnant teen and sets out on her own to find the perfect people to adopt her baby. I have really taken a liking to the indie type film and this one definitely did not let me down.

There Will Be Blood--I really wasn't sure if I was going to like this movie or not. Looking back I am not sure I can say I loved the story itself. This movie for me is the prime example of enjoying a movie regardless of the storyline if the acting is there. Daniel Day-Lewis was amazing. There is a reason he won the best actor award at this years Oscars. His performance was compelling and he had me wrapped around his fingers from the opening scene to the very last scene. Paul Dano was also amazing in this movie. His character was all sorts of weird and creepy and he played it perfectly.

Freedom Writers--This was truly one of those feel good movies that makes you believe in the good in everyone out there regardless of their background. The reality of the lives of a lot of these teens is sad. They grow up surrounded by drugs and violence. They fear for their lives on a daily basis. They wake up every morning wondering if that will be the day they are gunned down when they walk out their front doors. It is heartbreaking to realize this kind of stuff is real in this world. Since this movie was based on actual events it really changed the way I think of a lot of things when it comes to teens just like the ones in this movie. I really suggest taking a couple of hours to watch this movie and allow yourself to see life from their eyes.

Other movies of note we have watched lately that I don't feel like talking about right now but that you should check out...

On Broadway
Blood Diamond
Gone Baby Gone
The Last King of Scotland

So what about you? What movies have you been popping in your DVD players these days? How about your favorite movies? My favorite movie of all time is no contest. The Princess Bride. I can recite the entire movie word for word I have watched it so many times. It never gets old.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Rainy Days

Another rainy day here in Massachusetts. Seems like during the week it if fine but as soon as the weekend arrives, here comes the rain. It kind of makes it hard for us to get some much needed yard work done. Walking Belle in this weather is no fun either. Mostly because she is a wuss and doesn't like being out in the rain. In fact, we usually have to force her to even go to the bathroom.
Sometimes rainy days like this remind of the times back in the day when my friends and I would go camping out at my friend Michelle's family cabin on a lake out in Saskatchewan. On days when it rained we would sit inside and play games all day long. Or back when I worked at camp and there would be nights when we would have crazy rain storms. We would stay inside in our comfy clothes and talk into the night about whatever guy we were dating or had a crush on as the rain rhythmically pelted against against the windows. Those were good times.

Not much going on around here this weekend. It is already 7 pm and Chris is still working. Tonight seems like a great night for comfy socks, candles, movies and takeout. There is this great little cafe down near our place that has great pasta.

Who knows, maybe I can convince Chris to take me out for breakfast tomorrow. Last week he went to this little hole in the wall place with his softball that he said was outstanding. Maybe he will take me there.
A few years ago when we still lived in Seattle, we went to visit my family up in Edmonton. We drove through Montana and after driving all night we were in this little town in the middle of nowhere. We were both hungry but it looked hopeless as we were driving down "main" street. There was literally 2 or 3 buildings and a gas station. We spotted a little cafe that was open and decided it was our only option. Talk about a hole in the wall. It was so tiny, there was only 1 guy working there. He played the part of host, waiter, cook and bus boy. There was maybe 1 or 2 other customers in there and our table was practically in the kitchen. I will tell you what though, what a find that place was because it was the best bacon and eggs I have ever had. I love when that happens. Just go to show you that you really can't judge a book by it's cover.

Was that enough rambling for tonight? Come back tomorrow and I just might have more.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Belle's "boyfriend" Wrigley is here spending the weekend with us while his owners are away in Iowa. When Belle and Wrigley are together it is WRESTLE MANIA! They wrestle and play NON-STOP. It is great for Belle to have another dog around to socialize like that with and we know they have so much fun. I just wish they didn't drink so much water when they are playing because we end up having to take them out a gazillion times a day to pee. Here are some pictures of them in action.
They like to get things started by singing some songs together
Finally after a good warm up they are good to go
They just look so vicious
Wrigley using his go to move--biting Belle's feet when she isn't paying attention to him
Finally winding things down
Hugs after a long and hard match

Welcome to my weekend:)

Friday, May 09, 2008

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Peter Rabbit

We live in a basement suite so we don't have windows that Belle can look out. This makes me a little sad because she LOVES to look out the window. What dog doesn't, she could sit there for hours. So this past weekend our landlords were out of town and we were taking care of their dogs. Since we were up and down the stairs taking them to the bathroom and feeding them we decided to just go ahead and leave the door separating our places open. Belle of course took the opportunity to spend as much time as she could looking out the windows upstairs.

We have lived in this apartment for almost 4 years and I have NEVER seen any rabbits anywhere around here. But of course the weekend my dog has window access for extended periods of time there is a rabbit (or rabbits) in the yard ALL weekend long. He tormented her. I was certain she was going to have a mental breakdown. Of course I had to take a picture of him.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Test Your Awareness: Do The Test

Watch this video..... I saw this on Ellen the other day. Funny!