Friday, May 16, 2008

Rainy Days

Another rainy day here in Massachusetts. Seems like during the week it if fine but as soon as the weekend arrives, here comes the rain. It kind of makes it hard for us to get some much needed yard work done. Walking Belle in this weather is no fun either. Mostly because she is a wuss and doesn't like being out in the rain. In fact, we usually have to force her to even go to the bathroom.
Sometimes rainy days like this remind of the times back in the day when my friends and I would go camping out at my friend Michelle's family cabin on a lake out in Saskatchewan. On days when it rained we would sit inside and play games all day long. Or back when I worked at camp and there would be nights when we would have crazy rain storms. We would stay inside in our comfy clothes and talk into the night about whatever guy we were dating or had a crush on as the rain rhythmically pelted against against the windows. Those were good times.

Not much going on around here this weekend. It is already 7 pm and Chris is still working. Tonight seems like a great night for comfy socks, candles, movies and takeout. There is this great little cafe down near our place that has great pasta.

Who knows, maybe I can convince Chris to take me out for breakfast tomorrow. Last week he went to this little hole in the wall place with his softball that he said was outstanding. Maybe he will take me there.
A few years ago when we still lived in Seattle, we went to visit my family up in Edmonton. We drove through Montana and after driving all night we were in this little town in the middle of nowhere. We were both hungry but it looked hopeless as we were driving down "main" street. There was literally 2 or 3 buildings and a gas station. We spotted a little cafe that was open and decided it was our only option. Talk about a hole in the wall. It was so tiny, there was only 1 guy working there. He played the part of host, waiter, cook and bus boy. There was maybe 1 or 2 other customers in there and our table was practically in the kitchen. I will tell you what though, what a find that place was because it was the best bacon and eggs I have ever had. I love when that happens. Just go to show you that you really can't judge a book by it's cover.

Was that enough rambling for tonight? Come back tomorrow and I just might have more.


Jamie Dawn said...

Definitely cute photos in your previous posts.

Your "rambling" was actually enjoyable.
Those holes in the wall can surprise us sometimes!
I love finding a great place to eat that is off the beaten path. It's like a treasure! I LOVE to eat, so good food gets me all excited!!
We get rain often here, but it usually passes by quickly. I enjoy the weather here which my daughter calls "bi-polar weather."
I hope the rest of your weekend brings some sunshine.
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Cupcake Blonde said...

I love Hole in the Wall diners. They are my favorite places to eat. My dad and I actually combed the entire New England region to find every diner worth eating at. Highlights of my youth.

Linda MacTravel said...

Aw shucks...and we've been having 85 - 90 degree weather out here in Seattle...what a bummer for you! The sad part is, the hot weather has been melting all the record snowfall and the rivers are running so high and cold that a few folks have been lost due to being pulled under. Be smart, please!

Andrea said...

I like those pictures...did you take them?

Leslie said...

It's raining here too. The pictures are great though!