Monday, February 26, 2007

Weekend Ramblings

When I got up this morning I went into the kitchen to turn the coffee pot on and when I looked outside I saw something I just didn't believe. It was this weird thing that I have heard about but had not really seen this year. I had heard about how pretty it is and how much of it so many other parts of the country were getting. I didn't know what to make of it. So of course I took a picture only to realize that what I was seeing out my very own window was a phenomenon they call SNOW!! I know I know, I am as shocked as the rest of you. It actually has kinda snowed here this year. But it never amounted to anything. The last time we were supposed to have a big "storm" it turned to slush and rain before it became anything more. So who knows how much it will snow or how long it will stay, but for now I will enjoy it.

I decided on Saturday that I wanted to get out and do a lot of walking to continue building up the strength in my ankle. We decided to go to IHOP for breakfast first. I was a little nervous about going since I am kind of on a diet. I refuse to call it a "diet" since it is really more I am counting my calories. Whatever it is I am doing it is working and I have lost 20 pounds since I started January 15th. And that includes losing 4 pounds during the 2 weeks I sat on my couch with my sprained ankle. Anyways at IHOP they had something called the "Garden Scramble" which is scrambled eggs (actually its an egg substitute) with green and red peppers, onions and tomatoes and 2 buttermilk pancakes with sugar free syrup. It was less than 600 calories and actually really good. I had never had an egg substitute before and I really didn't taste much of a difference. I love going out for breakfast and I was just happy there was a healthy alternative to what I would have ordered before.

We headed to the Braintree Mall afterwards and spent some time just walking around. We went to the pet store and spent a while looking at all the puppies. I could have spent all day in there. There were so many people and they were all smiling and laughing. That's what I love about puppies, whether its a big biker dude, a teenager, moms and dads etc they always make people smile. I love it. After Chris dragged me away we set out looking for a craft store of some sort so I could get some scrapbooking stuff I need. No such luck on that front, but Chris did end up getting a new pair of jeans. After the mall we did some more running around to a few other stores....Sports Authority, Kmart and Borders bookstore. When we were leaving Borders we noticed that some birds had made their home in the S of the Borders sign. I had a picture of it but for some reason blogger doesn't want to post it.

Did anyone watch the Oscars last night? I was actually pretty happy that all my choices for the main awards actually one. I was shocked (not in a bad way) that Jennifer Hudson won best supporting actress, good for her. And how about Martin Scorsese FINALLY winning. It was funny when he said "did you double check the envelope?" Although it would have been funnier if he had yelled "its about damn time!!!"

Anyways that was our weekend. Hope you all had a good one too!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Here is my ankle as of today. It is still sore when I walk up and down stairs, but all in all it is feeling pretty good. I am hoping after another week or so it will be back to normal.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Movin on up

Chris and I have moved up in the technology world. This past week we got rid of our dial up which I hated so much it made me want to throw my computer out the window at times. We got rid of our dial up and land line (since we both have cell phones now) and were looking around for high speed deals when Chris got a bright idea. Our landlords (who live upstairs) have wireless and we talked with them to see if we could share with them. Of course they said yes. Chris went out and bought a router for our computer and VOILA! I can now surf the internet and download things like a normal person. No more waiting 8 days for pictures do upload and no more waiting while it dials and connects everytime we want to go online. We will split the cost with them, and since they just switched to Verizon wireless it is only 19.99 for the first year. Sweet!! Wireless internet for only 10 bucks a month. I'm as happy as a pig in a mud puddle.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

So I finally ventured back out into the world today. YAY me!! I went back to my doggies and then had lunch with a friend and did some shopping.

My ankle feels pretty good considering all the walking I did on it today. I imagine it may be a little sore later tonight but I know the more I walk and stuff the more it will get back to its normal strength.

I really have nothing exciting to blog about. But I am sure that in the coming days and weeks I will have all sorts of bus stories for ya:)

Monday, February 19, 2007

Here is a picture of my ankle on Friday. I will have Chris take a pic today when he gets home from work.

So I realize I have not been blogging very much. But in my defense what the heck would I blog about. I have left my house twice in the last 2 weeks. Once to go to the hockey game and once on Valentines day. My ankle is definitely feeling a lot better. Most of the bruising has gone away and the swelling is almost all gone. I still have some pain when I walk but I am sure it will get better the more I do it.

On Valentines day Chris and I went to Outback Steakhouse and it was so good. I had steak tips and he had prime rib. We also shared a piece of raspberry cheesecake for dessert! YUM! After supper we decided to go to a movie. We went to the see Music and Lyrics with Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore. Two of my favorite actors so I figured I would love it, and I did.

That is the extent of my excitement for the last few weeks. I think tomorrow I will be back to normal and back to my dogs. Thank God, I have been going crazy sitting around here.

Oh and people keep asking if those snowflakes were real. And YES they were. Chris took those pics right outside our door. We couldn't believe how incredibly detailed and beautiful they were either. God is good!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Well, we went to the game. My first Oilers game in a couple of years and we stunk up the joint. We got shut out 3-0 by the lowly Boston Bruins. While they are plagued with injuries right now, it's no excuse. They have to be better.

Aside from losing, Chris and I had a good time. We had never been to TD Banknorth Garden before and it has been a while since we have been to any NHL game. When we arrived at the arena we went to guest services to see if we could be put in some more accessible seats so I didn't have to make my way up and down any stairs with my crutches, or have to worry about people banging into my foot coming in and out of the aisle. They put us in the "wheelchair accessible" area right near where our original seats were. It worked out perfect, they just gave us a couple folding chairs and we had all the room in the world.

When we got home it started to snow (something that hasn't happened much this year) and so Chris went outside to take some pictures. He took some pics of the fresh flakes landing on our back porch and they turned out amazing. The clarity and detail of the flakes blew my mind. It was supposed to snow like crazy but it has turned into more of a rainy slushy mess outside.
I hope everyone has a wonderful day with your significant other. Chris and I are going to hit up the Outback Steakhouse for a nice meal and perhaps a movie afterwards.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ankles and Hockey

So here is my foot pic from yesterday. It is definitely getting a lot better. There is still a lot of pain as of today but the swelling and bruising are going way down so that is always a good sign. Tonight Chris and I are going to see the Edmonton Oilers play the Boston Bruins here in Boston. I am SO excited!!! I have not been to an Oil game in quite sometime so I am super happy they are here in Boston tonight. The Oil have been having an up and down year and tonight is the start of a 7 game road trip that can make or break their season. Here's to hoping the Bruins will continue their poor play and losing ways tonight as the Oil try to climb back into a playoff spot. LETS GO OILERS!!!!!

I am a little nervous about maneuvering my way around the arena on crutches. Unless of course I can convince Chris to let me go without them...We shall see.....

Sunday, February 11, 2007

You can tell the bruising is finally fading a bit and starting to turn yellow. Which is a good sign, I was starting to think I would have a purple and blue foot
This is the picture took of my foot yesterday (Saturday). I know it may look the same as the previous one but if you look closely you can see subtle differences.

Saturday, February 10, 2007


I forgot to post yesterdays foot photo:) So here ya go......

Friday, February 09, 2007

No picture for you guys yet today, I will be sure to have Chris take a pic when he gets home from work. I do however think it is starting to look somewhat better.

Now I know some of you are thinking 'WOW are you are you sure it is only sprained?' A few things I learned when I was at the hospital on Monday. A severe ankle sprain can sometimes be more severe and more painful than an actual break. The doctor was sure to tell me that a severe sprain can cause significant bruising of the whole foot. So rest easy my friends.....Sprained it is.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Day 4.....

The colors just keep getting prettier:)


Today is my nephew Austin's 8th birthday. I cannot believe he is 8 years old already. I remember the day he was born and how excited I was to be an aunty for the first time. He is such a great little guy and I love him a lot. I sure wish I could be there to help celebrate his special day. Please go on over to Dave and Sue's blog HERE and wish Austin a happy birthday.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Austin!! Uncle Chris and I love and miss you a lot!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Getting prettier by the day!!

Like how blue and puffy the top of my foot is?!?!
In the midst of all that went down on Monday I didn't get a chance to blog about our weekend. I don't really remember all that I was going to blog but I will give you the basics.

Friday night we went to see the U2 Laser Light show at The Museum of Science with our friends Georgette and Tyrone. U2 is my favorite band so I knew I would enjoy it. It was pretty cool, it was in the planetarium and was about an hour long. And for only 6.50 per person I thought it was a great bargain. Afterwards we headed over to the Cheesecake Factory for some dessert. I haven't had cheesecake like that in a long long time and it was SO good. I had the Godiva Chocolate cheesecake. Since I am counting my calories these days I only had half and saved the rest to pick at the next day. We had a great night.

Saturday we didn't do much but watch hockey and a movie. We watched the movie Click and we both quite enjoyed it. Sunday was another lazy day and of course the SuperBowl. THANK GOD the Chicago Bears didn't win.

Fast forward to Monday and well we all know what happened that day. It's so crazy, It happened so fast and I was SO embarrassed. The bus driver kept asking me if I wanted medical attention and I just wanted her to drive away so I could attempt to hobble my way home. We normally live a 2 or 3 minute walk from the bus stop but this time it took me at least 10 mins if not longer. I am sure I looked like a crazy person hobbling down the street talking to myself and cursing under my breath.

I never knew so much pain could come from a sprain. Then again I had no idea spraining meant tearing ligaments. I am going a little stir crazy sitting in bed or on the couch all day long since I am so used to being out and active all day long. Oh well, perhaps I should just enjoy the down time.

My ankle is looking even more colorful today than yesterday. I will be sure to have Chris take a picture when he gets home from work and post it. For right now though, it is back to the couch and ice for me.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The day after.....

Chris took this picture about an hour ago. A day sure looks pretty!!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Diagnosis: Jacked Up Ankle

Real diagnosis? Grade II ankle sprain.

" An incomplete tear of a ligament, with moderate functional impairment."

So here's how the story goes: My wife was finished up walking her dogs for the day, and she took the bus home. At her bus stop, the door opened, and as she stepped out she stepped on a small patch of ice and rolled her left ankle pretty badly. She hobbled home, barely able to put any weight on it. She called me and I came home, and once I saw the golf ball sticking out of her ankle, we decided to go to the hospital to get it checked out. Luckily I still had my crutches from when I tore my meniscus...

So after we made it to Faulkner Hospital, we only had to wait about 30 minutes before we got into see the triage nurse. After that it was a quick trip to the Radiology lab to get x-rays, then we got taken back to a bed where the doctor reviewed the films and let us know that it was not broken (whew!) But it is severly sprained, so she can't put any weight on it, and the treatment is good old rest and ice. We got an aircast from the hospital to stabilize it once she can walk. She'll be out 1-2 weeks, but not on the IR.

Before you ask, she already contacted all of the owners of her dogs, and they'll be ok with her missing at least the rest of this week. So hopefully after this weekend, she'll get back to normal.

Friday, February 02, 2007


I saw this near where I walk one of my dogs. How is that for creative for a no pooping sign! Too funny!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

First off.....Who was the geniuses who thought that this would be a good idea??

I mean really? In today's day and age who plants suspicious looking devices on bridges and subway stations and not expect people to think something is up? Apparently these "devices" are in other cities as well but there was not the same reaction as there was here. It is good to know however that the authorities and FBI etc are on top of things and reacted quickly. Sad however they had to all go out to deal with this in the first place.

I forgot to mention in my last post that while Chris and I were at Chili's Saturday night we saw The Golden Girls. First there was the lady who looked EXACTLY like Bea Arthur , she was sitting with her two friends who could have passed easily as Blanche and Rose. It was so funny!

Yesterday I was at Target doing some shopping. It was getting time to meet up with Chris so I was waiting near the front by the checkouts where I could watch for Chris coming in the main doors. As I was waiting I saw this cute little old lady in her winter coat and hat. She has a cane and was standing watching the entrance intently. After watching her for a while I finally saw this big smile form on her face, I turned to see what it was she was smiling at and walking towards her was a tall old man with his winter coat and hat on walking towards her. As he got closer he removed his hat (they way they did way back) and smiled back at her. When he reached her he grabbed her hand and kissed it and said "I am so glad to see you my dear, are you ready for our date?" And off they walked together hand in hand from Target into the mall. HOW STINKING CUTE is that? It totally made me smile.