Monday, March 03, 2014

Oh Christmas Tree (yes I realize this is a few months late)

March 3rd and I cannot even believe I haven't blogged about our Christmas tree. My Christmas tree adventures are a big deal around here. Growing up we never had a real tree, which was fine. But now that I have been exposed to the world of real trees since being with Chris it is one of my favorite Christmas activities. The last few years we have actually gone out and cut down our own tree. So fun. I love walking through the rows upon rows of hundreds of trees looking for the perfect tree.
 The day we went to get our tree was a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Blue skies and sunny. A little chilly, but perfect. We headed through the rows of trees of all sizes and shapes. Chris had saw in hand ready to cut down the perfect tree. It didn't take us too long to find one we both loved.
After getting it home and letting it stand in the garage for a few hours it was time to bring it in and decorate it. Belle was ready to help.
No tree of ours would be complete without Seahawks and hockey ornaments. We had a fun night decorating it. Wine of course was consumed and we watched Elf while we decorated. Another thing that has become sort of a tradition for us. So fun. 
So there you have it. A little delayed in sharing this post with you guys. But better late than never right?