Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Peter Rabbit

We live in a basement suite so we don't have windows that Belle can look out. This makes me a little sad because she LOVES to look out the window. What dog doesn't, she could sit there for hours. So this past weekend our landlords were out of town and we were taking care of their dogs. Since we were up and down the stairs taking them to the bathroom and feeding them we decided to just go ahead and leave the door separating our places open. Belle of course took the opportunity to spend as much time as she could looking out the windows upstairs.

We have lived in this apartment for almost 4 years and I have NEVER seen any rabbits anywhere around here. But of course the weekend my dog has window access for extended periods of time there is a rabbit (or rabbits) in the yard ALL weekend long. He tormented her. I was certain she was going to have a mental breakdown. Of course I had to take a picture of him.


carmilevy said...

As I write this, our furball is having a little window-side fit because he sees our friendly neighborhood squirrels doing their usual springtime thing. He's a miniature schnauzer, so I think I'll have to take him outside soon to help him blow off some of his energy in the dog run.

Gotta love dogs, eh?

Jodi said...

Our dog has the full-fledged privilege of chasing rabbits since we live in the boonies. Of course he is a little dog who couldn't catch a squirrel but he still tries. :)

Andrea said...

So, what happened to all of your links?

Evey said...

That is a REALLY good question.