Thursday, June 05, 2008


A while back Chris and I were driving when we came up to a street where we needed to turn right. There was a guy on a skateboard coming down the street so Chris stopped to let him go by us before we turned the corner. Well the guy (and it was a guy probably late 20's, not a teen) hit a rock or something and he biffed it. It was pretty funny and I made sure not to laugh until we had driven away. I figured he would just gather up his board and be on his way. He did but not before he did he stopped to stare right in our front windshield and flip us off. Then I laughed. I was like how exactly is it our fault you fell off your stupid skateboard? Chris made the point that he was probably just embarrassed and that is why he did that. Either way it was funny.


1 said...

How did you get such a good action pick? Pretty funny!


Evey said...

That wasn't the actual guy we saw. That was just a pic I found online that I thought was pretty funny.

Kirst said...

Too bad you didn't get a picture of the dude! My Chris would have been howling most likely. Glad you've posted again.