Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Ours was pretty uneventful. On Saturday we did some Outlet shopping, that was fun. I got some new shoes and a few new shirts and Chris a few shirts. On the way home we stopped in at Chilis for supper. That was about the extent of our weekend excitement.

There are a few blogs I want to encourage you all to read, check in on and comment on once in a while:) First there is Dave and Sue (my big bro and his wife. They were slackers about their blog for a long time but then they got better and blogging more regular and blogging photos etc. But then their computer totally died this past few weeks so they are back to not being able to blog as often. BUT I think knowing they have readers who come by regularly they will make an effort to blog more.


Then there is Andrea. She is my very good friend and married to my brother in law. She is a huge slacker. Don't tell her I told you but I think she thinks noone reads her blog so that's why she slacks off so much.


And then there is my mother in law Linda. She is not a slacker, she is just not into the blogging business as much. But she does have a blog where from time to time she will post pictures, she takes such beautiful pictures andblog about her different traveling adventures.


So please take a moment out of your day today and make a stop at these three blogs, tell them hello. Then add them to your favorites and make regular stops.

That is all, my work here is done.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for pluggin my blog... You rock little sis.
Posted today at work about the weekend... Whohooo!!!

Desiree said...

Your weekends always seem to have some adventure. Sure beats sitting at home all the time.

Andrea said...

If that's not incentive to blog, I don't know what is! Give me till tomorrow, eh?

Anonymous said...



Linda MacTravel said...

Hey! Thanx for the thumbs-up on my blog, Evey! I will REALLY have to keep up with you now! You have thrown down the gauntlet (well...the batting glove anyway) and I shall attempt to rise to the challenge!! GO MARINERS!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey slacker, check out my blog!!!

1 said...

Again, i am waiting for comments and a new post from you, i am blogging, and do not even have a home computer, ha... Common, "YOU CAN DO IT!"

Evey said...

Slacker? I just blogged on Tuesday. This is Thursday:P