Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Finally a post about our memorial day weekend.........

I gather it is about time I blog about our memorial day weekend since I know you are all just dying to know all the fun things we did. I realize it was almost a month ago, but we really had a great weekend and you get to hear all about it. Get comfy kids, this could be a long one...... Evette and Richard were set to arrive at the airport here in Boston around 8:20 PM. By the time they landed, got off the plane, went through customs and all that fun stuff I was starving and about to leave without them. Well, not really. But I was hungry. FINALLY they emerged from the gate (the English sure are slow) and life was once again good because I knew within the hour I would be eating. PHEW! Chris and I were also relieved to find out that while Richard does have a thick English accent, it wasn't one of those crazy ones you can't understand a word they say. I was happy to know I wouldn't have to spend the weekend going WHAT? PARDON ME? HUH?

From there it was off to the car rental place so we had a way to taxi them around for the weekend. And I am pretty sure they weren't up for riding around in the back of Chris's service van with no seats and various espresso machine parts. Finally the car was in our possession, we piled in and we were off. Have I mentioned yet that I was absolutely starving and was pretty sure I would die if I didn't eat soon??? I had not eaten all day, mostly because I was so excited about going to Chili's. Yes, I know that seems odd. But I love Chili's and I was excited. Leave me alone, I don't get out much. So off to Chili's we went. And it was good. Then it was off to home so Evette and Richard could get some much needed sleep. Of course that didn't come till after they had met Belle AND Wrigley (I was taking care of him that weekend).
Saturday we decided to do the Duck Boat tour in the city. Chris and I have always wanted to do it but never really had a reason (that's a hint to all you slackers who have yet to come visit us, after THREE years), but once we knew Evette and Richard were coming we knew we had to go. The tickets are 25 bucks a person, which does seem a little pricey but it is definitely worth it. The tour itself is about an hour and a half and on land AND water. Fun times. Our tour guide was Sgt. Pepper and he really actually did look like John Lennon. How fitting. Our Duck boat was "North End Norma." They all have names and I think there are about 16 boats in all.After the Duck Boat tour we took Evette and Richard to our favorite burrito joint Anna's Taqueria. After we inhaled our very large burritos we headed over to the Harvard area and showed them around a little. There really isn't a lot to do on the Harvard Campus itself, but the buildings are beautiful and make for some great pictures.Saturday night we had our other friends Jeremy and Kristen over for a BBQ. Chris met Kristen through work (she manages one of his stores) and they are from Seattle, so it is fun to have friends out here from back west. We had a great night with friends. Chris cooked us up some great steak and we had plenty of beer to go around. We had just planted grass seed so we couldn't go on the lawn, so we rocked it white trash style out in the driveway. Nice!!

Sunday we decided to take the ferry over to Martha's Vineyard for the day. Chris and I have wanted to go over their for a long time and just never got around to it. The drive down to where you catch the ferry in Woods Hole, MA is about an hour drive and then the ferry ride is 45 mins. The weather was perfect (although it was a little windy on the ferry) and we had a great day. When we arrived, we bought day passes for the bus (6 bucks). There are 3 main towns on the vineyard--Oak Bluffs, Vineyard Haven and Edgartown. We took the ferry into Vineyard Haven and hopped on the shuttle down to Edgartown. We had a lunch at a cute little outdoor cafe and spent the rest of the day just walking around. By the time we got home it was late and we still had not had supper, so at almost midnight Chris BBQ'd us all up some burgers.
The plan on Sunday was to get up early and spend the day in the city doing the Freedom Trail and seeing all the other sites. Well we all slept in and by the time we were ready and out the door it was around noon. We decided to hit up IHOP for a late breakfast and it was already mid afternoon before we got in to the city. We were fortunate enough to find a perfect parking spot and it was off to "Cheers." There are actually two, one is a pub that is actually called The Bull and Finch, it is the pub that inspired the show and all the outside shots etc were used. The other Cheers is located in the Faneuil Hall area and it's a replica of the actual set.
We did a lot of walking. It was fun though for Chris and I to see Boston from a tourist's perspective and learn more of the great history of this city.
We ended the night by heading out to The British Beer Company for a late supper. We got there just in time to order. PHEW! We enjoyed food and drinks as we wound down from our busy weekend.
All in all it was a great weekend. I was so happy to be able to reconnect and catch up with my friend. More importantly I was happy to find out we get along just as good as ever and I am very happy to have my friend back in my life. It was so great to meet Richard, we really enjoyed his company. Chris and I are hoping to be able to attend their wedding in February in Jasper. We are looking forward to many many vacations with these two.
If you would like to see all our pictures from this weekend I have posted them all over on our picture blog so feel free to go on over and have a look. You can find them HERE.


Sketti said...

I read this at work earlier today as I was running late this morning (surprise, surprise!). I kept snickering and had a huge smile on my face and tears in my eyes...I'm such a soppy girie! We loved our weekend with you and Chris and can't wait to see you again...that darn Pond getting in the way of things!

Look what you've started...My mum now has a blog as well! All because of you my dear!

Love you x

Sketti said...

oh...and that first picture of us...that was taken in Amsterdam...nearly 2 and a half years ago...(knicked off facebook I'm guessing!)

Evey said...

Indeed it was!! ;)

What are you going to do? Sue me for copyright? lol

Ronnie said...

You two girls are just as nuts now as you were as teens. Great to see that sort of friendship can withstand time and distance. ...and yes I now have a blog...
Love Aunty Ronnie

Zoe said...

whew! What an adventure. Your friends seem so cool! You look awesome Evey!

I am so glad that you guys had fun! :) :) That is awesome!

Cupcake Blonde said...

This souned like the perfect Boston weekend to me, and one I have given to many friends visiting myself over the years...right down to the Duck Tour and visit to Cheers. It was eerie how similar your tourist vacation was. And made me homesick...again!

Jodi said...

Fun! I loved all the pictures!

Oh and I tagged you! Go check it out! :)

Andrea said...

wow, what a fun weekend! We'll come visit you if you're still gonna be out there in a couple years! ; )