Friday, November 02, 2007


Happy Birthday babe, I love you! Chris turned 30 today. I would make fun of him for it except for the fact that I will be turning 30 myself in just 2 months. My birthday present to Chris this year is a trip to Cleveland to see the Seattle Seahawks (our favorite team) play the Cleveland Browns. We fly in to Cleveland tonight and will be arriving at almost the same time as our good friends Shawn and Celeste (from Seattle). We are all staying at the same hotel, The Embassy Suites which is downtown Cleveland. We are looking forward to a relaxing weekend with good friends and hopefully a Seahawks win on Sunday. GO HAWKS!!
I hate to fly, it scares me half to death so wish me luck:)


Kelley said...

Happy Birthday Chris! Good luck for the flight Evey. Hope you have fun at the game.

Andrea said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHRIS!!!!! Wish we could be celebrating it with you!

Sketti said...

Happy Birthday Chris! Thanks for the text! I'm very Glad to hear you got in safe and sound without crashing! Hope you two have a fab time!

Ronnie said...

Happy Birthday Chris. Yes it's Evette's Mum wishing you birthday greetings.
Yvonne I Tagged you check my blog for details.

Cupcake Blonde said...

Happy Birthday Chris! And I hope you got there okay Evey! And that my dinner suggestions helped you out.

Gianni said...

You must have loved the first half. Sorry about the ending, that sucked.

Hey, we are still winning the division. Woohoo! Go Mo Morris!