Friday, February 01, 2008

Hanging out in all the wrong places

I know people who have run into all sorts of people in their lifetime. Actors, singers, musicians etc. My run ins with such people have been few and far between. Although we did see Cindy Crawford at Disneyland a couple of years ago.

As most of you know Chris works for Starbucks. Most of the stores that he services are located downtown. About a year or so ago he went to a store and was told by the people working there that Jennifer Garner had been in just a little while before he arrived. Then a month or so ago he was sitting at a red light. A blonde woman was crossing the street, as she was passing right in front of his car all he could think was that she looked really really familiar. About 15 minutes or so later he finally found a parking spot and went into the Starbucks where he had a service call. Turns out the blonde that looked so familiar to him as she walked right in front of his car had just been in that very Starbucks getting a coffee. Turns out that blonde was Cameron Diaz. He missed getting to meet her by like 5 minutes. Then the other day he was working on a machine when he saw 4 Nashville Predators players come in. They were in town to play the Bruins that night. Jason Arnott, Radek Bonk, Greg DeVries and Alexander Radulov just happened to chose that Starbucks to get their caffience fix. As a big hockey fan it was neat for Chris to see them.

Moral of the story....I clearly need to hang out at Starbucks more cause all I ever see when I am at work is dog poop, the mailman and random crazy people.

**anyone else having problems with the spell check? Mine doesn't seem to be working, which is NOT a good thing for me.**


Cupcake Blonde said...

I had a problem with the spell check too, but I thought it was just my stupid Internet (sometimes Blogger and AOL don't play nice) but perhaps it is a Blogger thing afterall. I ended up copying my post into Word and spell checked it there then pasted it back into Blogger. A pain but necessary with my bad typing.

Come hang out with me at work, I meet people all the time. Just ran into Lance Burton in the hall today. Problem is I always look like crap at work.

Andrea said...

I NEVER run into anyone famous! What's up with that!? And I DO have a pretty lavish, fast paced life style! I should be rubbing elbows with celebs everyday! HA!