Thursday, October 02, 2008

Only 88 pounds to go.....

So I decided it was time to stop hiding my weight loss ticker at the bottom of my blog. I might as well have it where everyone and anyone can see it. Maybe it will hold me more accountable knowing it is sitting there staring you all in the face every time you come here. We shall see, it's worth a shot, right?


Andrea said...

sigh. If only I could stop the late night snacking, I'd be golden!

Jamie Dawn said...

ymCongrats on your 30 pounds lost, and good luck losing the remaining poundage.
I know the battle because I too am always trying to lose weight.
You seem to enjoy life in spite of dealing with being overweight. I do the same. It's awful to allow some extra pounds to steal life's joy, and too many ladies let that happen.
Enjoy each day, and keep reaching for your weight loss goal.


Tammy Williams said...

I didn't even know you had a counter. Funny! Congrats on the weightloss to-date. Keep it moving;)