Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Halloween Surprise

Chris and I decided to stay home on Halloween this year. I was sick and s we figured it just better to stay home. We also decided not to hand out candy so we were sure to close the blinds and leave most of the lights off so the little trick or treaters wouldn't bother us. Little did we know... Around 9:30PM I decided to take some Tylenol PM and go to bed. Not long after I got into bed I received a text from Chris's mom asking if we had any trick or treaters. I sent her a text back saying no that we were in the dark and that I had gone to bed since I wasn't feeling well. A few minutes later my phone rang and as I fumbled with my phone to answer it I accidentally hit the ignore call button. Then Chris's phone started to ring so he answered it. His mom told him to go look outside at his work van so he did. Much to his surprise there was his parents standing in front of his van with wigs and masks on waving to him. He comes in the bedroom and says "Evey my parents are here!" As I tried to gather my thoughts which were now foggy due to the Tylenol PM I had taken I replied in this order...

"do they want to come in?"
"oh my gosh our house is such a mess"
"i don't have a bra on"

LOL! Chris says to me "I'm pretty sure they want to come in."

What a great surprise. They had originally planned to just come "trick or treating" at our door but had the wrong house number. They thought we were 22 and there was no 22 (at least no number on a house) and so they wandered up and down the street looking for 22. Can you just imagine what my neighbors must have thought about these two crazy people wandering the streets with these silly masks!?

So Chris's birthday was on the 2nd and a few months back his sister Alicia had called me about her and Paul coming here for a few days as a surprise for Chris's birthday since they were going to be out east for a wedding anyways. So Chris's parents thought it would be fun to come out as well and surprise Chris and Alicia since they didn't tell Alicia they were coming. SO I had to not only keep Alicia and Paul a secret from Chris, I had to make sure they didn't know Chris's parents were here. It was hard for me to keep it all quite, I almost slipped a few times.

On Saturday we took Chris's parents for a drive up north a bit to try and find a good spot for some nice fall pictures. We found a great area up in Andover and got some great pictures.Afterwards we took them for dinner to one of our favorite restaurants The British Beer Company.
Sunday we took them to Harvard Square and then to the Bunker Hill Monument. We headed back to our place since Paul and Alicia would be arriving soon. Paul and Alicia showed up around 4pm and we had Chris answer the door and he was very surprised. Then PandA were surprised to find John and Linda in our kitchen. Fun times!

We had plans that night to meet friends at the Sail Loft on the waterfront in the north end for Chris's birthday. There was 13 of us and it was really nice for Chris to have his parents and PandA there. Monday we went into the city and did the Duck Boat Tour. It was fun because we were the only ones on our boat. It was a little chilly and was the second time Chris and I had been on the tour. It was fun though and we got some great pictures. We spent some time shopping and had lunch at Faneuil Hall. Chris's parents had to head to the airport around 4 pm. Once they were off we stayed in the city with PandA. We walked around Boston Common and took them to Cheers to get a couple of pictures. Chris had a softball game that night so we headed home and Chris and Paul went to the game and Alicia and I stayed home and just hung out and watched TV.Tuesday was PandA's last day here so we thought we would take them over to Martha's Vineyard for a little change of pace. I have only been once before but I totally loved it. It is really pretty and lots of cute shops and restaurants etc. We thought it would be a great idea. Well it WAS a great idea till we got over there and found out the almost everything was closed for the season. Suckage! Oh well. We made the best of it.

Thanks to all 4 of you for an awesome 6 days. We had a great time and Chris had a great birthday weekend. We love you guys!


Linda MacTravel said...

I'm already laughing...actually, I laugh out loud everytime I think about it! Can't wait for more pix & text!

Linda MacTravel said...

HA HA! You just HAD to put in that picture of me trying to pluck something out of dad's eye!! What a wonderful time we had with you! You are great tour guides, btw!! Wonderful post & pix, even if I took half of 'em! LOL!! Good job!

Tammy Williams said...

Great times! Glad Chris had a happy birthday! I couldn't imagine being suprised like that. I would flip my wig if my family showed up at my house and I was sick and not dolled-up....hehe. You are quite the trooper Ms. Pooky.

Andrea said...

GREAT pictures! Wish we could have been there! Maybe next time.

Sketti said...

haha! I laughed out loud at the bra comment! I love that the first time you went on the duck boat and to martha's vinyard was with us...I feel so special.

Anonymous said...

hmm. so you went to martha's vineyard, duck boating, harvard, cheers and the british beer company - Again! I think you should get a new Boston Tourist information booklet for christmas!

PandA said...

Thanks for doing all the tourist-y stuff with us Chris & Evey! We had a really good time! This is a great post... maybe I will just send people over here to hear about our trip! ;)