Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Interview

Questions by Courtney from Five Second Dance Party

(1) Who is your all-time Seahawk player and what does/did make him so great?
#84 Bobby Engram. Bobby is a wide receiver who has been in the NFL for 13 seasons, 8 of those with Seattle. He is one of those guys you don't hear a lot about around the league. He quietly does his job and is really good at it. Last year when we had injuries he stepped up and had the best year of his career with 1147 receiving yards and 6 touchdowns. He is not the guy you throw the ball to every time but he is the guy who comes up with the big play and catch when you need him the most. The stars an sports teams have never been my favorite. For me it has always been about the heart and soul guys, the ones who are gritty and gut it out the whole game. Now if only the Seahawks resign him this off season I will be a happy girl.
(2) If you could pick one day in your life since your mom passed away and have her there to enjoy it with you - which day would it be?
This is a tough one. There have been more than a few that I would have given anything to have had her with me on. So I will give you a two part answer, one day that has already occurred and one that is yet to happen. I think the one that stands out the most for me is the day Chris and I got engaged. She was the first person I thought of and in that moment the only person I wanted so badly to share it with. The other one will be when I have my first baby. It will be really hard for me to go through that experience without her and to not have her there with me to share it. Just thinking about it makes me cry. I know you can fully understand that one having recently experienced it yourself.

(3) If you're in a hurry and need to grab a bite to eat real quick, what are you most likely to eat?

If I am at home and running out the door it is likely to be something I can take with me like a 100 calorie pack or an apple. If I am already out somewhere it would most likely be a burrito from my favorite burrito joint here in Boston. Anna's Taqueria. I am hungry now just thinking about it, thanks Courtney!
(4) How do you think you would react if the plane you were flying on was hijacked? Would you freeze or act? Since I am completely terrified of airplanes I imagine I would be in a corner with my knees tucked up under my chin, rocking back and forth and sobbing like a baby. Before I fly on a plane I don't sleep for weeks because my mind is running wild with thoughts of all that could go wrong. What if an engine goes out? What if we lose cabin pressure? What if the pilot passes out? What if the landing gears or brakes fail? What if we get hit by lightning? Then as I am waiting to board my plane I will size up all of the other passengers and try and figure out which one is most likely to hijack the plane. All these thoughts go through my head that by the time I reach my seat on the plane I am in almost full blown panic mode. So while I would love to say I would act I am afraid I would be so paralyzed with fear that I would not be able to do anything.

(5) What would be the most difficult to live without: your computer or your TV? Why?

Computer by far. While I love my TV most of what I watch on there is available online anyways. At least with my computer I would still have a connection to all my friends and family and be able to watch all my TV shows. I would def miss those days of laying on the couch being lazy and flipping through the channels but I would be so much more lost without my computer.
Want to play along?
1. Leave me a comment saying, “Interview me.”
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.


Family Of Five said...

Fun!!! I want to play too!
Thanks for sharing!

This is the PUDDICOMBE CLAN!! said...

interview me!!! how fun...u made me cry with the question/answer/pic of your mom.

Evey said...

I will send you both emails with questions by tomorrow. Look forward to seeing your answers

Anonymous said...

Your answer about your mom made me cry too. :(

And I am going to come to Boston just for a burrito, okay?

I wanted to be interviewed and have asked Courtney and Dawn already, but if you get questions to me first... Just sayin'.

Sketti said...


Interview me! I need something to write on my blog (kidding...have lots to write just no time at the moment!)

Cupcake Blonde said...

This is so cool! Interview me! :)

And I agree with you about the computer, I couldn't live without one. Any time I am not online for days (like the past couple days when I have been sick) I feel lost and disconnected.