Monday, September 20, 2004

Day 2...Sunday Sept 19

This morning we somehow managed to get ourselves up and ready at a decent hour, had some breakfast at the hotel and then headed down to Vancouver Washington to spend some time with Lief and Terri. We were at their place for probably an hour or more and had a really nice visit with them. We were very happy when they loaded us up with jars of homemade jam and pickled beets, fiesta corn and three bean salad:) So I guess between that and our "burger bucks" from mom and dad we will be able to eat on our trip out east:)

FINALLY we made it out of Washington and we just passed through Pendleton Oregon. It's almost 4 PM, I am not too sure how long we are going to drive today. Depends how we are feeling I guess. Chris is pretty happy though since we are way into Oregon and we still have the Seahawks game on the radio. And even better, the game is almost over and the Hawks are leading 10-6. If they can hold on and win they will be 2-0 to start the season. Seattle fans need something to be happy about cause we sure haven't got that from the Mariners this season.

GOOD NEWS----The Hawks held on to win the game 10-6. 2-0 to start the season, the first time in 10 years they go 2-0 on the road to start the season off.

OOPS, I just spilled gatorade on my dog:)

12:19 AM Mon Sept 20/04


2:35 AM

FINALLY we have decided to stop for the night. It is just after 2:30 am and we are not far into Wyoming in a place called Evanston. We made good time today trying to make up for the whole day we lost yesterday. The drive today was pretty uneventful, except for when Belle puked in the car. Luckily Chris got her to the floor before she puked in his lap. I think we have just let her eat way too much crap today. AND Utah sucks, their roads are horrible and their signs make no sense. We saw about 20 different exit signs for "RANCH". We are yet to figure out what the heck that means. Anyways Motel 6 is always a good cheap choice:) This room is so freaking huge. I think my puppy is so happy to be out of the car for the day.

Ok, so now we NEED to sleep. Tomorrow we need to do some laundry here at the hotel and then the plan is to drive through all of Wyoming and into Colorado.

States visited today--Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming

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