Monday, September 20, 2004

Monday......10:30 PM

So we got into Cheyenne, Wyoming around 5:00 PM. We decided to stop off at a rest stop to let Belle out to run around for a bit. There was these two statues and for some reason Belle was tripping out barking at one of them. It was pretty funny, sometimes she's not the brightest bulb.

From there we headed into Colorado and into Denver. We would have liked to have driven around the city for a bit but we were already running late. So we just found the Pepsi Center where the Colorado Avalanche play. It is a pretty cool looking building. We walked around for a bit with the dog and took a few pictures and stuff.

After we left Denver we continued east on I-70 to Limon, Colorado and stopped in at Denny's for some coffee and some eats. As we were leaving there Chris decided we didn't need gas quite yet, and then a few miles down the road the gas light came on AGAIN. We pulled into this gas station in a place called Arriba only to find that it was closed. But LUCKILY the lady let us fill up anyways. So now we have a full tank of gas and we are back on the road. Our goal tonight is a place called Salina, Kansas. We will see how we are feeling.

And if anybody cares, there are STUPID bugs in here and we can't get em. GRRRRR!!!

3:21 AM

Finally we decided to stop in a place called Hays, Kansas. It's super late and we are both pretty tired, so we didn't quite make it to Salina. Tomorrow we have about a 7 hour drive to my friend Tabitha's place who lives about an hour and a half southwest of St Louis.

Ok, it is so time to pass out!!

So today we drove in Wyoming, Utah, Colorado and Kansas.

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Reverend Joyleaf said...

Oh you silly nillys. Always top up the tank. Never, ever "try to make it to the next town."