Saturday, June 25, 2005

Mosquito's and Softball

I know I know, let me have it. I am the biggest blogging slacker around. I have no good excuse, so you will just have to forgive me anyways;)

In keeping with my feelings that mosquito's SUCK, last night the guys had a softball game. Once we show up at the field we come to the realization that at this particular field is where ALL of the mosquito's in Massachusetts live. ALL OF THEM!! I kid you not, it was horrid. Amy and I made a treck to the grocery store for some OFF and a citronella candle. They did work yes, but I feared all night that it was too late, the damage was already done. I awoke this morning to an itch on my side, thinking to myself damn things got me good right here. So I go into the bathroom only to realize that they got me good alright. Apparently they were really drilling for blood on my left side and must have been sending out signals for everyone else to come and join in. You see, I actually have a path of about 10 bites all in a row very close to one another. Never mind the ones I have everywhere else. I hate them I tell you.

Despite the west nile virus going around the guys had another good game last night. I think the final score was like 47 - 12 for us, or something like that. Fun times! The next game is at the same field, which now that we have all been there before I am sure that we will all be prepared for the mosquito convention that goes on there.

That's all for today folks, it is beautiful out today so I think we may head out with the dog to the water somewhere. Hope every one has a wonderful weekend.



Lori said...

Steve got attacked, you should see him scratching his arm. Ha ha!

Evey said...

Oh my dear, you dont even know. My WHOLE back is covered, its gross. I hate those damn mosquito's! lol

Anonymous said...

comment, comment, comment...