Thursday, September 22, 2005

Alright....Shelley needs entertainment folks and I am not one to let down. Although I cannot guarantee the entertainment value of this post I can guarantee some form of ramble about something:)

Well only two more sleeps till Chris comes home....YAY! It really hasn't been so bad, I just miss him. My doggie misses him.....actually, we have this cement step (I don't know why) that is carpeted in the middle of our hallway leading to our kitchen and most days Belle will sit on it around 5 or 6 because she knows that is when Chris usually gets home. And sat there she has...everynight this week. After sitting longer than normal she gives up and heads back to the laundry basket to curl up. Awwww! My puppy misses her daddy. She is going to pee ALL OVER the place when he gets home Saturday night. I however will not pee all over the place, I am pretty good about that;) Anyways he is having a good time, heck I would be having a good time if I got to stay at The Westin for free!

He has had some quality time with his fam. Tuesday he was over at Shawn (his best friend) and Celeste's for supper and today he will be spending the day with our good friend Jen and her fiance (whenever he gets off work) Ryan. Tomorrow he has the joy of going through some of our stuff that is at his parents and packing it into his hockey bag to bring back. He is also super excited about bringing his golf clubs back with him so can get golfing again. I think tomorrow night he is hanging out with Shawn again. But I will let him tell you about his week when he gets home.

I thought I should mention a new blog that is on our links....Ich bin ein Londoner. This is our friend Chris from our church out here who just recently moved to London, England to work with a homeless shelter there. Check out his blog, leave him a comment. He's a good guy and doing some awesome things.

This also reminds me of my dear friend Tania. To make a very long story short Tania went to India during university on a work program, she ended up meeting some children while she was over there who totally changed her life. Tania has pretty much lived in India since....only going home to Canada for a few months a year. She had this amazing vision of helping these children living in the slums on the streets. Through a lot of hard work and a lot of heart she founded a non profit organization called One! International. Please check out the website to learn more about what they do over there. She has worked so hard and made so much happen since she has been there. She runs a school where they teach street children who are sponsored. It really opens your eyes to what one person can do. Anyways just thought I would tell ya'll about that cause I think it's awesome and she has had such an awesome impact on SO many lives.

This is a pic of Lori, me and Tania a loooooong time ago. I thought I would post it since we were talking about T!! Lori do you remember this pic??

Alright....I think that is ALL for now. I hope Shelley that this brought some form of entertainment to your day:)


Anonymous said...

Glad Chris is having fun. But i bet you can't wait to have him home?
Neat to see what Tania is doing, skinnny little white girl from edm. is out to change the world, good for her.
Big bro in edm.

Anonymous said...

who is Shelly?
big bro in edm.

Evey said...

Shelley is one of my lovely blog friends. And actually....Shelley is married to Lori's brother Mike.

Family Of Five said...

Yah!!! Glad to see you back in action! I like to know the going on's in your life! Your doggy sounds so cute!! My, my what have you been doing this week while your hubby has been gone??

Lori said...

My goodness I do remember that day! We had so much fun. We have sure changed since then. Remember Mike Knights who we saw at the mall and I freaked out and made you take my pic with him? What a dork I am. Anyways.....Ah memories. We have so many together. I miss you friend. Where the heck are my bras!!!!

Leslie said...

Can't really tell which one is Lori!
I think I know, but not positive.

LOL on the peeing all over the place bit!

Evey said...

lol....Lori is on the left in the Nike sweatshirt. i am in the middle.

Family Of Five said...

Your hubby must be home now!! Hope you guys had a great weekend!