Monday, September 19, 2005

Boats, Planes and Anniversaries!!

First things first....Our first blog post was a year ago today! Sept 19/2004. It's a little insane how time flies. We have been in Boston a year almost. I sit here and try and figure where it all went, a whole year and it feels like yesterday! Anyways.....

We had the most amazing time last night on out cruise. For those of you who forgot or didn't read my post about it last week....Chris and I went on a Spirit of Boston dinner cruise last night to celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary which was on Sept 12.

First we found a sweet parking spot which made us super happy cause it was at a meter. We thought we were going to have to park in the lot and pay. So I was very happy with the FREE parking spot:) We got there a little before 5:30pm, got our boarding passes. While we were waiting to board Chris took some pictures of the boat which I will post as soon as I get them back. The boat has 4 levels. There is the bottom level which I think is where the kitchens are and where all the cooking and prep happens. The main level there is tables all around the interior and in the middle is a dance floor (and DJ) and at the front is the buffet and in the back is the bar. There level above that has a staircase leading up to it just off the dance floor and there is a bunch more tables up there. The 4th level is the outside deck on the top of the boat.

Once we got inside and were showed to our table we went out to check out the top outside deck and took a few pictures and then went back inside and sat and munched on the rolls and breadsticks etc.. that were on our table. It was about a half hour or so when I all of a sudden noticed we were backing up. It was a pretty weird feeling at first sitting on a boat at a table. I was convinced my water and everything else was going to go flying. When we we were done backing out and facing the right way we were off. Within about 5 minutes our waiter brought us our salads. Which were super yummy by the way. Reminded me a lot of Olive Garden salad. As we were eating our salad 2 of the hostesses and another guy were on the dance floor singing their hearts out and sending us on our way. At the end of the song we had these streamers we were all to throw in the air and yell "Bon Voyage". Well let's just say I TRIED but my stupid streamer didn't want to be part of the fun.

The boat sets off right near Logan International we went out to the top deck again after our salad and watched the planes fly over to land. And when I say fly over, I really mean FLY OVER, like RIGHT above us. Chris took some pics of how close the planes were, and they too will get posted once I get them back.

Dinner was AMAZING!!! Roast Beef, ham, teriyaki chicken, rice, vegetables, muscles, crabmeat, potatoes, lasagna. I didn't eat any of the seafood (cause i'm sorry but muscles look WRONG) or the ham (since I am allergic) but the rest was SO good. There was some more stuff, but off the top of my head I cannot remember. After dinner we decided to have a few drinks. Chris of course just went with beer, he had a Sam Adams and I had a YUMMY drink called Raspberry Fusion. If I remember correctly it had Absolut Raspberry vodka, some citrusy stuff, sprite and one other thing I forget. It was very good! Soon came dessert which was just as good. I had the Creme brulee Cheesecake and Chris had the Chocolate Truffle Layer Cake. By the time we ate those we were both stuffed. So we sat for a while and watched as some of the staff sang and put on a show for us. Afterwards Chris ordered himself another beer and I had a Hpnotiq Cosmopolitan. It has been probably a year since I have had a martini of any kind and I love Cosmos. It was SO good, it better have been was 10 bucks. lol.

Anyways it was a wonderful night...singing, dancing, beautiful weather, great food, great drinks. We also purchased the picture they take of you as you are boarding and got this great little folder/frame thing with it.

On another note. Hubby is now on his way too Seattle. Curtis picked us up at 8 this morning to take us too the airport. I waited with Chris while he checked in and until he had to go through security. I was very sad to see him go. It's funny how once you live with someone for a certain period of time you are so used to having them around, it makes me wonder how I lived alone! ha. Anyways I gave him a great big hug and watched and waited when he went through security. I then headed over to the other terminal to get some Starbucks and wait to watch his plane take off. It ended up being delayed....but I waited anyways. Every since I was a kid I loved just sitting and watching the planes land and take off. Yet I am terrified to fly in one! ha! So anywho he called me when they landed in Chicago and they are set to land in Seattle now in about 2 hours and 20 mins. Fun times! I miss him, but so glad he gets to go and have some time with his fam (especially his nephews) and his best friend Shawn.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Other than the cruise we watched Fever Pitch with some friends Friday, Saturday in the day we grocery shopped, did laundry, went shopping for clothes and stuff. The went out to dinner and a movie with friends. We saw the Constant Gardener. I wasn't sure if I would like it, but it was such a good movie.

Alright that is all....sorry this was so long, but if you have suffered through it all leave us a comment, let us know you stopped by! Have a good one!

Oh and here are some pics I found of line of the inside of the boat and stuff.


Leslie said...

So glad you did something special to mark your special day. Sounds (and looks) awesome.

Evey said...

Leslie I love your new picture! hehe.

Andrea I DID MISS YOU! There was like this big HOLE in the blogging world. ANd I will be sure to send Chris your way for some cookies! hehe.

October 8th baby, I am all over that...BRING IT!!!!

Family Of Five said...

Andrea... you have time to bake?!?! Evey... So glad you guys had such a nice romantic time!! Sounds yummy!! The way to this girl's heart is through my tummy! We too saw Fever Pitch this weekend.. it wasn't as good or funny as I was expecting. I am sad for you that you are all alone!! I know exactly what you mean!!! I don't know what I would do for a whole week all by myself. Hope that means you will have lots of time for us blogging folks!!

Cupcake Blonde said...

Sounds like you had an amazing time. I love the Spirit of Boston. I've been on it a bunch of times because it seems likke everyone has parties, weddings, proms etc. on there. It was always a fun time when I went! Hope it wasn't too chilly either!

Tammy Williams said...

Looks very beautiful! Hope you're doing well so far without Chris.

Angie's Angle said...

Oh it sounded like such a lovely time. I can not wait to see the pictures. :)

It is weird how used you get to being around someone. I know exactly what you're saying there. Hopefully you can keep yourself occupied enough though. I am here if you need to chat away :)

Lori said...

Hope you are doing okay all bras here yet. Hope they are addressed properly;)

Miranda said...

Glad you had a such a nice time.