Wednesday, November 30, 2005

What a Morning!!!

So Chris was in the shower this morning and I was still in bed sound asleep all warm and cozy when all of a sudden a blasted piercing beeping noise nearly put me through the roof. It scared me half to death. Now I knew that it was not the fire alarm because Chris took the battery out of it cause it is so darn sensitive. I ran into the kitchen and sure enough it was our carbon monoxide detector blaring at me. By this time Chris was out of the shower and telling me to go outside with the dog. Lovely....I hadn't even had time to put a brush through my hair....What a sight I was. Finally our landlord calls on Chris's cell phone telling us that ADT (alarm company) was sending someone over and for us to wait outside and let them in. Meanwhile Chris is still in a towel. I was like what part of carbon monoxide detector going off GO OUTSIDE don't you get. LOL. Finally he got some clothes on and outside we went to wait. Next thing we know we hear sirens. I was like oh no how embarrassing......And sure enough around the corner comes a big old fire truck. Good grief.....We certainly do keep life interesting. Ha. So 3 fireman get out and head on into the house with their detector thing and go downstairs to our place and sure enough are getting a reading of about 20. He told us 20 was not even enough to make us sick...Well that's comforting I suppose. Anyways they finally tracked it to the hot water heater which was on at the time the alarm went off. So they ran some hot water and sure enough the reading went through the roof to like 354 ppm..(parts per million) whatever the heck that means. So we have no idea how long the hot water heater has been trying to kill us. LOL. They said the reason the detector probably hadn't picked it up before is because the gas rises so it didn't even have time to reach the detector. Lovely, so we have no idea how long we have been breathing this in.....Maybe that's why I have been having headaches and feeling so tired and stuff lately.

They turned the hot water heater off and called the gas company. They came out pretty quick to check it out and told us what the problem was. Apparently there is a fan that works along with the hot water heater that ventilates and blows stuff out. Well for some reason the fan was not working (we have no idea for how long). There is supposed to be a safety switch of some sort that automatically shuts off the hot water heater if the fan doesn't work. Well whoever did this wiring wired it all wrong. So there is an electrician here right now working on it and once he is done they have to call the gas company back over here to check it all out to make sure it is all good and safe to turn back on.

On another note I have this dumb cold and I can't stop sneezing, my head kind of feels like a soggy watermelon that's about to explode! ha!


Robin said...

Oh my goodness Evey! What a morning is right! I'm glad that you even HAVE a carbon monoxide detector. Imagine what could have happened if you didn't! On second thought, don't do there! Glad that you are okay and that the problem is being addressed. Sorry to hear about your head. I now have the soggy watermelon visual in my head. Yuck! :)

Tammy Williams said...

OMG! You are never hard up for stories! I kept picturing all of these firetrucks coming to your house in BOSTON! Sheesh! would think that something more serious would be pressing them, like a building blowing up. Glad to hear you are both ok! Tell Chris that next time it happens he should just drop the towel and run. The neighbors would love that....hahaha!

Anonymous said...

I'm on the soggy watermelon side myself right now. I've been off work for a couple of days and am heading home now for the afternoon. I've got make sure I'm healthy so that I can go to the game Saturday and watch the Bruins BEAT the Oilers!!! Go Boston!

Lori said...

Goodness girl! Glad you are alive and thank God you had a detector!!!! Phew.

Jodi said...

Wow! I can't believe all that happened because of one alarm! I am glad the two of you are safe and dressed! LOL

Now I am going to dig my detector out of the cabinet and plug it back in the wall (we took it out a year ago when we were re-wiring and well, it never got put back!)

Alison said...

We have no such detector but should perhaps get one. Of course we have electric heat so would we even need one?!?

Glad to know that you are safe!

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