Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tuesday Ramblings

So tomorrow is the start of the blog off that I spoke about in my previous post. I am not the greatest writer under pressure and there is a good chance because of this I will be eliminated the first week. That is totally fine with me, I am just happy to be a part of something that will help raise money for such an important cause. Our word for this week is laughter and I will post tomorrow with whatever my clever mind comes up with.

Chris's parents are heading off to Arizona tomorrow for just a little under a week. They will fly from Seattle to Arizona tomorrow and spend some time with Chris's grandparents. They will also attend a Mariners Spring Training game and I am SO jealous. I sure love my Mariners. They then will fly over to the Los Angeles area to spend a few days with Chris's sister before heading home. Ah, fun in the sun.

I love movies. Chris and I have Netflix which allows us to always have movies coming and going. I am not one for politics, in fact I couldn't give a flying pig about any of that stuff. We had the movie Good Night and Good Luck for about 3 months and I kept convincing Chris to watch something else and it kept getting pushed to the side. Finally I decided we needed to either watch it or return it. We settled in to watch it and I was convinced I would soon head over to the computer due to total boredom while Chris continued to watch it. To my surprise I sat and watched the whole thing and even enjoyed it. It was done in black and white and the acting was very good. It was a true story and they made it as such. Sometimes even though movies are true stories they are not presented in a way that gives it that feel. It was a very well done movie and I am glad we ended up watching it.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Evey!! Got your comment over at my blog. I JUST finished my entry for tomorrow. Oh, lawdy, lawdy I thought I was going to have an anneurism trying to come up with an idea. I mean, good heavens...laughter! How hard could it be, right? Sheesh. No wonder I dropped out of college. Twice.

But it is finished now. Whew!

I hope it's coming together for you as well. Good luck!