Tuesday, April 03, 2007

2007 Seattle Mariners

The 2007 baseball season officially got under way on Sunday. For me however the season didn't start until 6:35 pm yesterday when the Seattle Mariners went head to head with the Oakland Athletics. What a game it was, well if your a Mariner's fan that is. Our young pitcher Felix Hernandez became the youngest opening day starter in the history of the Mariners, 6 days shy of his 21st birthday. And boy did he deliver. He was unbelievable, throwing 8 shutout innings, giving up only 3 hits and struck out a career high 12 batters. This kid has some crazy stuff and I think he is going to have a monster season, they don't call him King Felix for nothing. Big Richie Sexson hit a 3 run home run in the 6th inning to help us to the 4-0 win.
I have talked before about how I was never a baseball fan before I met Chris. In fact I HATED baseball. At least I thought I did. I had never really watched it and I really knew nothing about it. My mother in law Linda changed that quickly. There is nothing like going to the ball park on a sunny evening. The smell of hot dogs and peanuts and popcorn filling the air. The kids with their baseball mitts hoping to catch that foul ball or home run. The sound of the pitcher throwing a strike and hearing the thud in the catchers mitt. The crack of ball to bat on a home run. The roar of the crowd during a late inning rally. The feeling when someone hits a game winning home run and his teammates all crowd home plate waiting to congratulate him after he rounds the bases. There is nothing like it.

And so a new season begins. New faces take their places in the clubhouse. A new beginning for a team that has struggled. New hope for fans and players alike that this just might be the year. 1 game down, 161 to go.



Jay said...

I'm not usually much for sports-watching, but I think it's adorable that you enjoy it together. Great picture of you guys.

Nicole said...

Things are well with us. Very busy with work and church activites. I read blogs when I get a chance. How are things with you guys?

QueenieCarly said...

I'm not a baseball fan unless I'm at the game. Even then, I'm not a fan, I just pretend. We should meet up for a Mariners game while you're on the West Coast this summer!!!! Aaron's never been.

Tammy Williams said...

Go Mariners! We don't watch Baseball so I guess it doesn't matter who we choose to cheer for right?! I will go for the Mariners seeing we have family in Seattle.

Linda MacTravel said...

Oh Evey...thank you! I will take ALL the credit you can dish out for asking you to move hockey aside (for just a few minutes) and encouraging you to give baseball a chance! And it's a GOOD thing, since Chris loves the Mariners so much, too!! Take me out to the ballgame...take me out to the crowd...GO MARINERS...BEAT THEM REDSOX!!!