Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Jodi says I I must...Right?!

My good friend Jodi over at Organized Chaos was gracious enough to include me in her list of 5 bloggers and now I will give my list of 5 bloggers who I think rock. I would include Jodi in this list but since she is the one who nominated me she is not eligible. However, she does get honorary mention for the simple fact that she really does rock. Alright, now down to business.

1. Heather from Especially Heather
I was introduced to Heather's blog a few months ago through Jodi. I have mentioned Heather in my blog before, but those of you who don't know she is a young mother and wife who is currently battling brain cancer. Her blog is raw and honest as she goes through this hard time. Her faith and love for God is something that inspires me every time I read her blog. Amidst all she is going through she holds onto her faith and to the God that loves her and trusts He will take care of her. I have never met Heather but I am so thankful for her and how she has challenged me in my own faith just from the words she writes. I pray every day for her healing and recovery and I encourage you to check out her blog and leave her some words of encouragement.

2. Evette from Spaghetti Junction
Evette is an old old old old friend of mine. We met many years ago through church and camp. We became best friends very quickly. However we both went our different paths in life and we lost touch for many years. We hadn't see each other for 12 and not spoken in 11. But back in January another friend reconnected us and I am so so happy. I missed my friend. Evette and her fiance even came out here to see us in May. She is fairly new to the blogging world. Currently she is taking part in the blog off with me. Her and Smiley love to travel and being in England allows them to go to many many different places. Her most recent post is about their trip this past weekend to Latvia. Check it out.

3. Jamie Dawn from Jamie Dawn's Mindless Blather
Jamie Dawn is a wife and mother of 2 great kids. She lives in some hick town in these great United States and I absolutely love her blog. She never fails to make me laugh and I love that. In the foulest of moods I always know that by going to her blog there is a good chance I will end up laughing or at least with a smile on my face. So go on, check her out.

4. Carly from With A Twist And A Turn She Gets Her Wish
As I have mentioned on here before, Carly and I met at a wedding last year in Seattle. In the time since then we have become great friends and I am very glad for that. Her blog is a little bit of everything. Carly like me is a sports nut and I love that about her. Even if she does hate hockey and has questionable taste in football players;) She is a cool cat and you should really go visit her and see what she is up to on her blog today.

5. Vegas Princess from Life, VEGAS! Style
She has her faults...I mean she IS a Red Sox fan and that alone is enough to not be her friend;)But she is awesome and I have decided to look past that and pretend it is not true. You never know what you will get day to day on her blog. That is why I love it so much. One day it will be about her fave tv show and the next about her gynecologist appointment. She is real and that's why I love her and her blog.

I realize VP and Carly were already tagged for this at some point. But they had to be mentioned. For the rest of you who haven't done this meme and I have tagged you leave me a comment when and if you get around to doing this so I can check out the awesome bloggers you love. Even if I haven't tagged you I challenge you to do this as well. It is a fun way to get to know new blogs.


Sketti said...

Oh no! I'm wishing you didn't tag me! I don't think I know 5 girl bloggers...not really anyways...especially as I can't tag Carly or yourself now...hmmmm, I'm going to have seach the net for some more friends I think!
Thanks Hunny! You rock!

Evey said...

Don't feel obligated to do it. You don't HAVE to do it but of course you were going to be on my list;)

Jodi said...

You do rock! :)

I already read and love some of the gals in your list. I will have to go check out the rest.

Jamie Dawn said...

Thanks for thinking that I Rrrrock!!
If I do this, it will be after my vacations. I have a week long trip to visit family in CA, then from there I go on another week long driving vacation with my dad, brother, and son. Busy times!!
You are such a sweetie.
Maybe on my next trip to Boston to see my voice doc, we can meet up somewhere. It would be fun!
I'm in a blog buddy meeting frenzy. In just over two weeks' time, I will have met four blog buddies while on my vacations.

Sketti said...

I may save it...leave it till I'm more experience in the blogging world. I'm still a newbie! Thank you! It did make my day! x

Cupcake Blonde said...

You are AWESOME!! I love this award because I really think it means something special. Female bloggers who rock are a rare breed and I am honored to discover you think me one of them!